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    Orlando Fire is hiring for EMS-only Come work with me, people. I'll answer any questions that I can.
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    720 j defibrillation

    So I finally got to attempt defibrillation with 720 j during a cardiac arrest the other day. Unfortunately, it didn't work, but the pt was an elderly male and had been down for 15-30 minutes. He had an AICD/pacemaker and kept alternating between (paced) asystole (PEA?) and V-Fib. You just use...
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    40 mmHg ETCO2 during cardiac arrest?

    So the last 2 codes I have worked, my medic opted to transport after 10 minutes on scene because the capnometry reading was around 40 mmHg. These were elderly men that had been down for 5-10 minutes prior to our arrival without CPR. The reading came from an iGel and a LP15. The first pt was...
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    Best way to endure terrible smells?

    Ok, so I think we can all agree that the smells we encounter in EMS (or the medical field in general) can be the worst part of the job. I've found that a few sprays of hospital-grade odor eliminator (the stuff designed to cover the smell of feces, necrotic wounds, etc) on the outside of a...
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    EMT and Paramedic positions open in Orlando, Fl

    Just putting out the word that American Ambulance of Central Florida (a division of Falck USA) is looking to hire around 30 EMT's and Paramedics this month of February. No EMS job experience required. To apply as EMT-B: To...
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    Misplaced my Florida EMT card

    I somehow lost my state EMT card and need to get a replacement one mailed to me. The state's website is so convoluted I can't even find a solid contact email or form to go about ordering a replacement. Could someone in Florida please throw me a bone here? Thank you.