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    LAFD nurse practitioners
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    Color blind and conditional offer

    I have a conditional offer for a FD dependent on a medical exam. I know they use the isaharia exam which I can't pass. I have talked to my own eye doctor and referenced the latest NFPA 1582 medical disqualifications which have recently removed color deficiency from the category B list. Just...
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    Regional Paramedic Services (Alabama)

    Anyone know much about them other than what's on their website? Thanks
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    Help with a few random questions

    I am having some difficulty understanding a few concepts and was wondering if someone would be able to help me understand them a little better. Driving pressure in relation to hemodynamics Diffusion gradients related to myocardial myoctye and pacemaker cell function Autoregulation of...
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    Field EMS Legislation Introduced in Congress....

    calls for HHS as new Lead Agency. thoughts? possible? move in the right direction? discuss.
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    Honolulu Fire and EMS merging? I don't know much how about EMS in HI but I've heard they have some very well trained medics. Interesting to see what happens if they merge with the FD
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    West coast to East coast, Job Questions?

    Currently I am working (unfortunelty) in SoCal and am considering going back East. My family is all located in the Maryland / East. PA area so I'd like to be around there but have some questions about possible employment. I would like to work for a municpal department, either a 3rd service or...
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    Anyone work for American Ambulace (Fresno CA)

    Curious if anyone here works for them in central ca? And what your experiences are with them. Thanks
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    Back in the Box

    Well my short vacation looks to be over. I had quit working last spring to go back to school and get my degree. While finishing my pre-reqs this summer/fall so I could transfer, I tried to find something outside of EMS (cable tech, delivery driver, aircraft refueler, just to name a few I applied...
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    Inactive Status?

    Anyone ever go on inactive status for paramedic and back to active? I've been reading their requirments for re-certing as I am up in March this year. It states you must be currently working using your ALS skills or you can go on inactive status if you worked 6 months. Well I worked the 6...
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    Taking a break from EMS?

    Has anyone on here took a break from EMS? If so what were your experiences getting back into it? Pros/Cons? My situation: I recently quit working because I wanted to go back to school to finish my BS. I worked for a little less than a year as a medic (not long I know) but my schedule...
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    Paced Rhythm/12 Lead?

    Possibly a dumb question so forgive my ignorance, but do you perform a 12 lead on symptomatic pt that has an internal pacer? If so how do you interpret the 12 lead for a STEMI? Thanks
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    AMR San Diego

    Possibly moving to SD county to finish school and I see that AMR San Diego is hiring. I've looked through some threads here on them and it doesn't seem that they have a very positive reputation but I don't see exactly why? I know they don't pay the greatest (especially for SD county) but why...
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    Continuing education: reading material

    I am interested in looking for some new study material (aside from my school text books) to continue my education. Are there any books out there that you guys have read that are beneficial/practical for your work? Any pre hospital emergency medicine stuff would be great. (Not really looking...
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    IFT companies in SD/OC

    Anyone know of or work for a good company that just does transports in SD or OC? Looking for 12 hour cars, decent pay with possible benefits? Kind of over 911 and 24hr cars thanks
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    Standford PA school

    anyone familiar with Standfords PA program? Just curious if anyone has any insight to the program, Im thinking about PA school more and more these days. Maybe in another 2/3 years after I finish my BA. Thanks
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    Stroke questions

    How do you guys treat a stroke patient? 80% of strokes are ischemic in nature. Yet, a lot of protocols say high flow o2, however, the brain is reading the c02 levels. Thereby increasing o2 concentration decreases the c02 (that is being registered) and the ischemia worsens by reducing the...
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    FD responding to medical aids

    as im sure this topic has been beat to death, im curious and bored and wonder what the opionions on an ems site are. how does your county work? are your 911 calls screened? can you get a BLS car only? code 2 responses? triad response? pvt ambulance first in? etc... having...
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    Protocols outside CA

    so since ca has such limited protocols, im curious what kind of protocols are used in other states. does anyone have some interesting treament algorhythms/medications for common conditions (CP, SOB, anaphylaxis, etc...) thanks
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    questions: Rural/Metro in SD and San Luis in SLO

    Questions for those that are familiar with or work for Rural Metro in SD and San luis Ambulance in SLO. I will be applying to both in the next week or two. I have contacted HR for both companies and they are accepting applications but are not hiring until July. Rural Metro: are the...