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    Differential Dx & Tx for seizure-like activity (scenario)

    You respond to a call coming from a b&c/sober living facility. The pt is a 20 y.o. male who, per facility, has had seizure episodes in the past. A resident chart is N/A and the only medication the manager can remember is Keppra. The pt is found full Fowlers in his room, per facility has seized...
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    RN to EMT-P

    Looking for some info for a buddy. I've looked for a bridge programme in CA, but apparently there are none. However, aside from basic requirements for challenging the medic exam, could not find anything. The person in question is a Basic to RN to MICN (meets the requirements), but the...
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    Restraints for combative patients

    Since we all have to deal with psych pts on a regular basis, seeing pts on a 5150 is fairly common and in itself warrants soft restraints. But what about someone who's on a voluntary hold and suddenly flips ? Can the restraints still be used and, more importantly, when ? Here's a specific...