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    Working in the ER

    I work in the ER of a Level II Trauma Center. We work under a sort of modified scope of practice, sort of a Drs assistant. We do alot more than tech work here, but tech work is included. Anyone else work as a Paramedic in the ER??? What kind of scope of practice do you have????
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    Florence County Crash

    The Paramedic, a 20yr vet, has lost a leg and is in the ICU. 0500hrs, DUI, on the wrong side of the road, head on into an ambulance with all it's lights on. Driving a company truck on a license that...
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    Houston area

    My fiancee is talking about a location change and she keeps mentionin the Houston area, she has friends there.. what are the job prospects in the area? I would prefer the burbs outside the city. She's an RN, I'm a paramedic. Not looking for transport, either nonfire 911 or ER trauma center type...
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    EMT/FF down

    EMT/FF Jennifer Hanna died from injuries sustained in a 2 vehicle MVA. She was an EMT/FF with North Myrtle Beach, and a volunteer with Horry County. Her Husband Mitch Hanna was an Horry County FF who died in January after an MVA. Prayers and condolences to the Families, and also to their...
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    Final Call

    Went to the funeral the other day of a fellow paramedic/FF. Georgetown County lost Michael Kunde as a result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. He was laid to rest with full honors, the Pipers were there along with apparatus from all the surrounding agencies, who were also joined by...
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    Stupid minor wrecks

    We get so many wrecks here that when you walk up on scene, do a 360 around the vehicles and start saying, were these cars in an accident, where is the point of impact???? Of course there are always 2, or more, people in one of the cars complaining of excruciating neck and back pain. We are...
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    Forced into an unwanted position.

    The agency I work for just came up with some new BS. According to them any medic crew member will now be forced into an 'Acting Crew Chief" Position. Whether they want to or not. On top of that, when we bid on our schedules the new "acting Crew chiefs" are limited on bidding for just 4 stations...
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    Patient Choice

    One of the agencies I work for gives the patient the choice of what hospital they want to go to. I hate it. This is the #1 abuse of the system. For the patient who really needs it, no problem, I'll take them anywhere. But the frequent fliers that know that we will take them where they want, it's...
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    Our service is making it mandatory to learn Spanish. At our monthly in-service we have a mandatory1hr Spanish lesson. My brain is not wired to learn to speak a foreign language. I know they are pushing the Spanish at us so we can communicate with the large influx of illegal people in the country...
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    Got done with Medic school in May, Got all my NR stuff done in June. Ran the hell out of the volunteer unit every week for experience, and waited for one of the county/city places to hire. One finally posted a hiring announcement in a neighboring county, EMS only, no fire, a bonus. Applied, took...
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    Benchmade rescue hook

    I got one of these things a couple of weeks ago. It just sits there out of the way on my radio strap. We ran to a gunshot early this morning, I needed to strip down my patient, first time I used it. These thing are fantastic. Beats the hell out of scissors. He was completely stripped in seconds...
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    I was scheduled to take my Paramedic CBT this morning, I show up early, as usual. The lady at the testing center informs me that there was some sort of update with the Pearson Vue software that shut down the whole system. So I can't test today and have to reschedule. I call pearson vue, Whose...
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    Thank God, It's over.

    It has been a looooooooooooong 2 years. But it's finally done. Paramedic school is officially over. Today was the last day. NR practicals are 5/12, I'm gonna take the CBT next week. :rolleyes:^_^:)B);):blush:<_<:P^_^
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    Another semester down

    Just took my Pharmacology final today, got a 89, almost aced it. EKG and Medical final Tuesday. Almost there. This semester was the hard one, and I am glad it's over. One more semester and I can change my I to a P. B)
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    Hell of a way to end the day.

    Right now, I'm an EMT-I going through medic school. I do a ton of time with a local volunteer service. Extremely busy, Since June I've gone on 370 calls, and transported 225 patients to the local ER. The other day I did a 12 hour shift with the local county ambulance for some of my school ride...
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    In the morning.

    EMT-I practicals in the morning. Gotta get up early and drive 1-1/2hrs to take it. The CBT is next Tues. Yee-Haw
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    The next step.

    Hallelujah, Semester 3 is finally over. Intermediate class is done. NR practical test is this Thurs. 5/13. The NR CBT is next week 5/18. Medic classes start 5/17. Halfway there. NR Intermediate isn't required to go on with medic school, but I'm taking it anyway. I do volunteer work, so it is...
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    EMT-I Students

    I saw they have a spot for EMT-B students, and a spot for paramedic students. Now there is a spot for the in between EMT-I students. Our second week of class so far has been pretty much review of Basic, and patient assessment. Soon it will be IVs and Airways.B)
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    In the morning

    Just scheduled my NREMT, CBT for tomorrow morning. I feel pretty confident in what I know, so I think I'll do good. I'll find out tomorrow I guess. My test is at 11:00, so I don't know if I'll get the results tomorrow, or have to wait till Thursday morn. Wish Me luck.B)B)B)
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    Practicals Thurs.

    We take our NR practicals Thursday morning. Luckily, our instructors and a few local medics and nurses came in on their own time to set up stations and give us practice practicals. So thanks instructors, local medics and nurses. I won't let you down. I plan on passing. I think confidence in your...