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  1. Grady_emt

    D.A.R.T. Pro - Device safely removes Taser darts

    Or you have the rookie PD officer spray a pt in the back of the truck....earned him 16hr suspension.
  2. Grady_emt

    the 100% directionless thread

    My dad had an old CJ for the longest, then got a YJ in '95, so I've always wanted one. I finally did in Feb and have been wrenching on it since then. Saving up to re-gear and hopefully upgrade the D35 in the rear before too long.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Ahhhh the classic CJ, personally i think it stands for "Classic Jeep" Mine's and 03' TJ
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    the 100% directionless thread

    i changed the oil, transmission fluid, transfer case fluid, both differential fluids and flushed the radiator in my JEEP. On the list for tomorrow is New brakes and washing/polishing/waxing
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    What's Your Ringtone?

    Jimi Hendrix "All Along the Watchtower" Dave Matthews Band "Two Step" Ozzy Osbourne "Crazy Train"
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    Stay Safe Out There - A PSA from Wu!

    Let me just say that I was only speaking on the interstate with the larger right hand shoulder. On surface streets I go left, or if there is a raised median, then may split between the two lanes down the middle.
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    Kentucky EMT Indicted on Murder Charges after Crash

    DUI, well then I would'nt let him be on the truck anyway, it should have never reached the point of him being in the unit. That's why supervisors were made, and I think this is one of the rare circumstances where I would refuse to run a call.
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    Stay Safe Out There - A PSA from Wu!

    And from the scene to the hospital. Last officer down call I ran, there were 3 lights to the interstate all of which were blocked, every on-ramp was blocked to the interstate, and the 3 lights off the exit were blocked. There were 5 motor units infront of our unit and 2 cars behind. IF...
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    You're at the Grungies???? What shift?
  10. Grady_emt

    1986, and yes, a few times. We even get students from Wyoming, Utah, and Army Rangers coming...

    1986, and yes, a few times. We even get students from Wyoming, Utah, and Army Rangers coming through as well.
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    We do??? Year and everything?

    We do??? Year and everything?
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    How large is your service area

    City of Atlanta GA, 132.4 square miles (343 km2), 537,958 persons as a baseline population that increases during the day to nearly 1 million with commuters. We are a full ALS 911 service and run approx 28-34 units on dayshift and drop to 12-16 during our lowest point at night. So if im...
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    What does your agency ride in...

    No, the stretcher is latched in all the way, it is right up on the doors as you noted. Having already put a pt in one with a traction splint, place the pt on a LBB and then have that hanging off the head of the stretcher acts as an extension of the stretcher and allows the traction splint to...
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    What does your agency ride in...

    The 90 day tag from the manufacturer is taped in the pt comp window, just can't see it with the lighting and tint on the window. Snow....whats that?
  15. Grady_emt

    RAMPART Study

    My understanding is that they are trying to justify the logistical aspect of it for more agencies. Like I said, I havent had our inservice on the study yet, it was just mentioned in a CQI meeting. We will be participating as a pre-hospital EMS agency, not hospital wide.
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    What does your agency ride in...

    Ok, so here is one of our 15 new units. A 2009 Sprinter 3500, with Medix Specialty Vehicles module. Only worked 2 shifts in them, so I'm still undecided on them. Maybe if I feel better in the next few days I'll write up a real "review" of them. Without flash on the checkerboard...
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    What does your agency ride in...

    It's AEV, American Emergency Vehicles. The sprinters are alos cheaper.
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    RAMPART Study

    Anyone else's agency enrolled in the Rapid Anticonvulsant Medication Prior to Arrival Trial? I just learned today that we will be participating in the study. Haven't had the full inservice yet, it was just mentioned in a different meeting. My understanding that on any siezing pt, we will...
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    Any services using 13 hours shifts?

    We have 8's, 10's, 12's and 13.5's 13.5's come in at 0400, 0600, 0800, 1000, 1500. 1700, 1900, 2100 12 come in at 0600/1800 (Spec Ops unit) 8's come in at 0700, 1600 10's come in scattered throughout the day as staffing allows Personally, I work 3x13.5, Sat, Sun, Mon 1700-0630 and...
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    "Ticker" box/RoadSafety-Do you have them?

    I have not had my inservice on the new units yet (tues), so I cannot comment. It is the one that basically replaces the rear-view mirror (which I don't like the idea of) and has a camera facing towards the cab, and another facing out through the windshield. We do not have reverse cameras on...