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  1. MMiz

    That's it... I'm done... no more 911 for me

    25 years is an amazing run, congrats on starting a new chapter! I have a lot of respect for people who realize when it's time to move on. What does retirement from part-time EMS look like?
  2. MMiz

    Looking for Refresher/CE recommendations

    I have not done a full refresher online, just individual courses. I've heard good things about
  3. MMiz

    Duty to Act?

    CFR 121.803 requires US passenger planes to carry med kits and AEDs. US flight attendants are required to be trained in CPR and first aid, but are not required to be certified, and many aren't certified. Flight attendant recurrent training is only every two years. The reality of medical...
  4. MMiz

    NYS reciprocity

    Does anyone know the rationale for requiring courses to be 50%+ asynchronous?
  5. MMiz

    Pupils in head injuries

    I’m sure there are better answers but I do it to assess the patient’s neurological state. If I notice sluggish response, unequal pupils, or unexpected pupil size, it’s a good hint that I need to do a more thorough medical exam.
  6. MMiz

    Blood pressure

    Have you been practicing on yourself, family, and friends? Can you ask your former school for another clinical rotation and spend the entire shift working on skills? It really is just repetition. Some potential issues: 1. Improper Positioning of the Stethoscope; Make sure the stethoscope's...
  7. MMiz

    Blood pressure

    You essentially have the gold standard of stethoscopes. Practice! If all else fails there are a variety of electronic stethoscopes you can try.
  8. MMiz

    It Happened: Continuing Education Audit

    Was just notified that I was compliant and met licensing requirements. I’m tempted to ask them what about my license or documentation led to the audit, but I don’t want to rock the boat.
  9. MMiz

    Why Vol EMS is getting more expensive

    Not sure how this is “Bidenomics.” This sounds like a county being unwilling to provide additional funding to provide paid positions to one of six rescue squads in the county. There is always a cost to volunteer, and it seems like the days of endless teenager and retiree volunteers are behind us.
  10. MMiz

    New Lifepak 35

    Any idea of new features? I did some searching and I’ll I see are comments about the scroll wheel, lack of printer, and potential weight.
  11. MMiz

    Is there a certain standard to what kind of CPR certification you need to take the nremt? like do i need one from a specific recognized company?

    The NREMT doesn’t specify the organization you must use for your CPR course. They require: CPR-BLS for "Healthcare Provider" or equivalent credential.
  12. MMiz

    It Happened: Continuing Education Audit

    I received an email stating that I am being audited by the state and next steps. I spent about 30 minutes uploading proof of all of my courses. I'm not worried about the outcome of the audit, I've met all requirements. I am worried that I am being audited. Anyone ever survive an audit?
  13. MMiz

    Studying in NH, but working in MA

    This site suggests that MA accepts the NREMT for reciprocity.
  14. MMiz

    Can I Be an EMT if I have a Service Dog?

    Maybe. The internet seems to say that it’s a reasonable accommodation if employed. I would reach out to a disability/employment lawyer if you’re already working somewhere. Ride alongs appear to be different. I’d contact an education disability lawyer if you’re a student in a program doing...
  15. MMiz

    Grad Degrees

    I don't have much to add than what has already been said, but if I were to be getting a degree to check a box in EMS I'd be looking at Western Governors University. They have a MBA in Healthcare Management and Master of Healthcare Administration.
  16. MMiz

    Newbie: What to do about feeling carsickness in back of ambulance?!

    Motion sickness in the back of an ambulance is pretty common, especially for those just getting into the field. The typical suggestions are to not look out the back windows, turn on the A/C, and it gets better with time. There are also many effective medications for motion sickness, I’d...
  17. MMiz

    Rochester AMR Call

    I understand the frustration with treating a combative patient. Retreat to safety and call for backup, PD, supervisor, whatever is needed. I can potentially understand treating a patient that is trying to leave the ambulance outside the ambulance. It sucks, definitely not ideal, isn’t...
  18. MMiz

    What are your biggest pain points in the EMS industry software-wise?

    It’s time for AI integration! You may call it templates, macros, or whatever else, but I can’t figure out why EMS software isn’t using AI to assist in collecting/writing documentation. I know providers like autonomy, but I imagine AI would be immensely helpful if it made non-intrusive...
  19. MMiz

    PCR/Billing question regarding consumables

    No. I don’t know of any agency that does it the way described. If it is how it’s done at your agency, it’s time to change the process.