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    ems pratical jokes

    You do know those fuses are to save the electrical system of the car from getting destroyed right? I wouldn't recommend it. But I give it a 7 for funny.
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    Irrigation of burns

    I've tried sterile water, and personally i think it tastes like crap. What brand do you have?
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    Irrigation of burns

    Anyone who has ever tried to wash sulfuric acid off with water knows exactly why water is not always best. Wipe with a towel first please. A Dry chemical fire extinguisher's powder can also be used to absorb liquids because they are designed to be non-reactive.
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    warm pants anyone?

    lol. I like to have a lot of pockets for things. That way when I respond direct to scene I have some of the things I might need right away. I think I could definitely corner the market for winter EMT gear. It doesn't seem very common.
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    warm pants anyone?

    I have been struggling to find a really nice pair of EMT pants complete with an assortment of pockets shear loops and other traditional bdu features. But I want them to be lined with flannel or some other warm material. The best I have found so far is a pair of 5.11 tactical pants but they do...
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    Is an ET Tube Really ALS?

    WHAT?! hardly go wrong? I think what you say is based on ignorance. You can DEFINITELY mess up with a combi-tube. Most basics that I've met cannot discern between their own breath sounds and their patient's in the back of a bouncing rig.A Combi-Tube uses two lumens because it has a possibility...
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    I lol'd ^_^
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    EMT-I in MA

    thanks a ton bro! I'm glad to see I can take my training to the next level when i go to college.
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    Dispatcher sends wrong agecy to wrong location, woman dies.

    I think advice dog says it best
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    Accreditation Woes for Michigan

    having seen some pretty damn stupid emt's in nj, I would feel a lot safer with accredited programs only.
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    CPR Breath Rate Compression Question

    I'd like to note that there is a maneuver for performing CPR without giving mouth-to-mouth breaths in the situation where a BVM or pocket-mask is unavailable. The Silvester Method maintains normal chest compressions while replacing the breaths with a technique wherein the arms of the pt are...
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    SOAP or CHART. (or something else)

    Narratives FTW! I find that everyone can read a narrative and most people can write them except for dislexic members. SOAP and CHART can be confusing sometimes even though they have been standard in medecine for at least 100 years.
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    Pulse pressure can give you a good idea of how hard the heart is pumping in comparison to the diastolic arterial pressure. Like most other vital sign findings, the relevance of this data is only visible in a trend. For instance: in a patient with no visible external bleeding, a dropping pulse...
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    blood glucose levels...

    Our state guidelines say that oral glucose should not be administered unless the patient is still AOx3 due to the fact that oral glucose can create an airway problem in patients who are not in full control of their mouth/airway. This is ridiculous because it means our only alternative once they...
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    Can Medics be wrong?

    The pain is definitely something that might be a problem with a person with a rhythm like that... sound like a gentle breeze could put them into a full arrest...
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    CPR Breath Rate Compression Question

    I think we should all just do the best we can in the moment we're in. If you're pumping their heart and filling their lungs you're bound to be helping at least a little. Anybody hear about the new recommendation to completely removing the breathes from non-advanced-airway cpr?
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    EMT-I in MA

    Hey if any intermediates from mass are on, I'd just like to know a few things about what you do. By a few I mean a lot. :rolleyes: Do you work on a BLS or ALS ambulance or your own? Are you paid, volly, or both? What ALS skills do you learn in addition to BLS? Can you take a class...
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    yo man i think i contacted you as kb3boy once on the radio. you remember talking to any boy...

    yo man i think i contacted you as kb3boy once on the radio. you remember talking to any boy scout camps this past summer?
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    What shape should EMTs/Medics Be In

    you just hit a bit of a plateau. It's something that every person is likely to encounter when lifting. It is possible that your body is not receiving the nutrients it needs to build the muscles or the you aren't allowing your muscles to build themselves or many other reasons that exist. the best...
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    Shame on us...

    I often question the tests that instructors of any sort give me. It seems they rarely have their tests proof read, and they always think they give enough info because they already know the answer. If everyone fails a test, then i think it actually goes back to the teacher failing before his...