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    TDH Licensing you can do it all over the internet. its easy for basic, just follow the guidelines
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    2 questions on lifting

    when i did my PET for AMR it was about 110 lbs. today, my orientation at a new private company. we lifted our heaviest co-worker. he said he was 280. now this could be more realistic, alot pts are well over even 150 many times
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    Michigan: Where are we hiring

    even that may be hard to get right now with only a BLS cert. im sure there are people having to take jobs as an ED tech when they have education to get a higher position. what i've been reading. IF Michigan pulls out of this economy hit, it may be about 2 years later than when the rest of the...
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    First EMT Class

    well, maybe its a little unneccessary for a 16 year old to be working EMS. but to teach students BLS skills may be profitable for them.
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    Your patter for assessing orientation

    i've known some to ask a pt if they know who the current president is
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    ED Rotation tomorrow

    make sure to watch if there are any beds that need new sheets when i was in my clinicals, one of my classmates actually tried to somewhat diagnosed someone...dont do that just any grunt work really. the nurses loved my class for it
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    Just took the NREMT-B . Step by step on how to find results ?

    did you go to anything that says 'check certification status'?
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    Just took the NREMT-B . Step by step on how to find results ?

    i got my results within a day. some people a few days. dont know exactly how it works. but dont worry, i also stopped in the 70's (and many many others on this forum) and passed. stopping at that number could be a good thing
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    while this thread will get heated if anyone tries to start an argument and drift away from the question, i figure i will still answer if you want my opinion. i am a christian, and i live my life in everything i do for Christ. i do not see how i would glorify Him by not providing proper patient care
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    Greetings from Michigan.

    greetings! im a river rat (someone from downiver) myself.
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    EMS Goodbyes. aka bawwwquit.

    i have noticed it. i was thinking they might be busy :huh:?
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    Exercise for EMS providers article

    for those of you who may not read JEMS. there was an article on a simple workout routine here:;jsessionid=6107031D16A69185FA38DE5AFD3E0D63
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    New NBC series "Trauma" this fall

    aw man, with an EMS scrubs type show i would get dissapointed every day at work because its nothing like on tv. so i guess thank God for "trauma" because it doesnt discourage me to keep working and getting more education
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    Starting in boston, point me in the right direction

    im not from boston so i cant help you except that ive seen threads over the months with people that are in your situation. use the search engine and you can probably find what youre looking for. but getting on FD with only your basic cert is not likely. (not to shatter your hopes)
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    New FD Reality Series

    check the other forum. we got a pretty long thread about it
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    What are you getting set up for ths winter?

    this will be my first winter outside of michigan or some other midwest state. im getting incredibly scared of christmas without snow
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    Newbie Seeks Advice

    my mistake at the beginning were bad study habits. i recommend getting 1 or 2 chapters ahead of lectures.
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    New NBC series "Trauma" this fall

    i liked the part where the flight medics were off duty, and put the severed finger directly in a bucket of ice. i bet a bunch of people are just going to end up sleeping with each other, someone becomes attached to another and dies. you know, typical american story i still admit to liking...
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    Hey guys whats up?? Anyone with Acadian???

    keep looking at it until you know the material very well. of course with the right study habits. i dont know any that have long term success with cramming. i still look over my emt book, read articles, and so on...i find theres always more information to get for me welcome and good luck with...
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    New NBC series "Trauma" this fall

    its just the review from jems magazine. i have not seen it yet, but it would not suprise me that the review is pretty accurate. about your first comment. with the fact the show is going to action packed. i would suspect that the amount of students would increase instead of decrease (depends...