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    how far is too far?

    African Swallow or European Swallow?
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    I love my old Honda Shadow. I ride as often as I can. Now if only it'll stop raining on my days off. Weretiger
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    What kind of boots do you wear?

    I wear Magnum Stealth II 8" W/ zipper. They are the most comfortable boots I've ever worn. I love them. And they've held up amazingly well considering all the abuse I put them through.
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    What could I have done better?

    Thank you all for your comments. Hopefully next time I'll be able to apply some of the lessons I have learned from this call. One of the many things I love about this field is we never stop learning and, hopefully, improving. Weretiger
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    What could I have done better?

    We got a call around 0500 the other morning, for a 57 M pt, Hx lung CA, c/o DIB. Like morons, we actually listened to directions dispatch gave us, causing us to take at least an extra 5 min to get on scene. Roads are absolutely horrible, pure ice sometimes covered by 3-4" snow. We get...
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    Stab Vests and other protective gear...?

    Summertime In my area, there are a number of people who wear a bulletproof vest in the summer. They tend to take them off in the winter, since there are fewer shootings then. It really depends on the number and severity of the riots that are happening. Weretiger
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    Where is everyone from?

    EMT-P from southwest MI. Weretiger
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    Looking for ideas

    cheesecake. lots and lots of cheesecake.
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    Forum Names

    My brother-in-law was really into D&D (dungeons and dragons). He came over one day w/ his monster guidebook, flipped through it until he arrived at that picture, and said that it was me. My family agreed, and the name stuck. I added 13 on to it because it's my favorite number. weretiger
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    holy crap

    Yup. And each Paramedic Care text has an optional workbook you can get too. Fun times!!!
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    I'm a paramedic!

    Thank you. I am very excited. It's finally starting to sink in that I actually made it through. Now comes the hard part of keeping up on the education and not letting it lapse. Whee!!!
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    I'm a paramedic!

    I just took my national registry exams, and passed them both. I received the results from the written today, and I am now listed as NREMT-P. It's been a very long process, but well worth it. Yay!! :D I just wanted to share my exciting day. :lol: weretiger
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    Done With Medic Class!

    I finally did it! After 2 yrs of not having a life outside of class, I finally passed my medic program and internship. We are scheduled to take the NR practical 6/29. Woo-hoo!!! It'll be nice to be able to stop studying every day, even though I know I'll still be learning every day. :D...
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    What kinda car do you drive? /more questons

    1994 Toyota Tercel, 111333 miles. Not much in the way of looks, but it gets 47 mpg. Yay!
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    where is everyone from

    Southwest MI, 45 minutes from everywhere
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    Another Newbie to pick on..

    welcome and enjoy!
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    I've got a question

    thanks thanks for all the suggestions. I do study as much as I can during shift, but my brain fries before the 24 hrs are up. It hit me the other day how much I don't know, even though my class is done. We had to completely pass the paramedic class before we were allowed to do our...
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    I've got a question

    I've got a question, and I'm hoping somebody here knows. For my Paramedic internship, one of the things we are being graded on is the following: "Student shows interest in EMS, studies in the down time or engages the preceptor in activities that increase the students knowledge of patient...
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    Lazy medics should be shot

    I admit that I screwed up & I should have voiced my opinion at the time, but does anybody have any advice on how I could have tactfully and unoffensively said something? I've never before been put in a situation in which I didn't agree w/ the Tx the pt received, and I had no idea of what to...
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    Lazy medics should be shot

    It was a BLS call, so at least that part was right. If he had been my regular partner, I would have asked him (politely) to either tech it or board the patient. However, the medic I was working with was one of the oldtimers who was "grandfathered" in when MI went National Registry, and thus...