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    EMS Student

    Read read read. If you don't know an answer, ask it in class. Remember that we don't know the answers to everything, but we have a "get it done" attitude. EMS is a puzzle, and you have to find the pieces to put together the puzzle. The pieces are medical hx, what is going on, and vitals, those 3...
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    Learning streets in a new city or state

    I bike alot, so when I moved to my new area, I biked all over it, it was alot of work as it is a more rural FD so I got in great shape, but that's a great way to learn it. That being said between my GPS and map book, I have yet to get lost.
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    I'd say about 80% of the kids in my class don't work with there EMT, and out of those of us who went on to paramedic, only 5 are really going to work in the field. It's a job that sounds cool, but take alot of work to actually get into.
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    station alerting systems

    Please for the love of anything holy, get heart saver tones, if only for night time. I work 48's, so we spend large chunks of time at the station. Right now our tones are sudden, loud, and terrifying. When I get off of a super busy 48, I almost feel like I have ptsd, the littlest creek or sound...
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    EMT student ride along

    ......thanks? Don't really consider proper grammar when posting to forums.
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    I Phone EMS Apps

    Active 911, Google Maps, Spotify, flashlight app
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    EMT student ride along

    If they offer to show you something, anything, accept it and pay close attention. They don't technically have to do anything for you except to let you ride along, anything extra is them wanting to help you. Clean stuff, ask lots of questions, go over the medic 10 times. Bring some money to pitch...
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    Guilty Pleasures on Duty.

    Haha, my buddy will give my number to cute nurses, so I don't mind that
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    Guilty Pleasures on Duty.

    Oh man you are mean, his number to everyone?!
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    Guilty Pleasures on Duty.

    Messing with a rig to where you can't respond is messed up. The most we do is put in a cd of something weird and turn up the volume.
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    Guilty Pleasures on Duty.

    Lol, so I work 48's and usually it's fine, but sometimes we get absolutely hammered, and the jokes get crazy, here are some very common things. My main partner loves it when I do what he calls my "Chocolate Bear" voice. Basically I put on my deepest, smoothest voice and sound very flirty with...
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    how long did it take you to feel competent?

    Exactly what DE said. Once you start getting annoyed more than scared/nervous, your nice and settled into EMS.
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    Too much?

    That's how I am now, just used to the craziness. Once I get my medic I plan on leaving my FD and working private in a large city near me with a university and getting my BA then, I actually think it might be easier than this summer haha.
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    Telling stories to non-medical folks

    My answer always varies on how drunk/annoyed I am. For me, strangers always ask ,"So what's the worst thing you have seen?" And that ticks me off. Happy me: Oh no one wants to hear the sad stuff when were having a good time. The funniest thing I have seen is.... Indifferent me: I'd rather...
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    Too much?

    You can do it, just know how to manage your time and recognize you will be choosing to do school over 99% of other things. I work full time for a pretty busy FD and am taking 16 credits, one of those being my anatomy and physiology 3. You can do it, life just sucks.
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    Standardized STEMI Identification Assessment

    All cardiologists say they would rather get a false positive, than one that isnt called in. We saw one we thought was a stemi, called it in, got to the hospital, it was pericarditis. Doc said he would want us to call that in as a stemi 10/10. That being said, it's pretty embarrassing when you...
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    don't you just love it when. ..

    I love it when the "Super stroked out" lady has her effected side change 5+ times. Claim has no medical history and is on no meds. Then get to the ER, and turns out she has had 2 MI's, has A-Fib, and is on a huge list of meds.
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    It's a joke.
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    Student Riders

    I did my basic and my advanced at the same agency with the same guys. They were amazing, and taught me how to deal with students when we get them. They went through the whole rig with me, pulled out everything, and even the ALS stuff I wouldn't use, they taught me, which I really appreciated...
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    School forever and balancing everything out

    I really appreciate you taking the time to say all of that. Really nice to see someone else out there. I plan on PA and just keeping med school as a maybe thing. My father is a cardiologist, so I know exactly what it takes to not only go to ked school, but if I even would want to be an MD...