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  1. NaimElm

    Trying to move up in EMS

    I was actually not aware of this requirement! Thank you for letting me know
  2. NaimElm

    Trying to move up in EMS

    In Texas there are a good number of CC ground transport services (since the state is so spread out), so I’m hoping to get on with them for experience. I know I don’t have the prerequisite experience they ask for, but I’m hoping to at least make a case for myself by getting my CCP-C and having my...
  3. NaimElm

    Trying to move up in EMS

    Hey y’all! Just having some thoughts about where I am in this field and would like some input. I’ve been a TX paramedic for a little over two years now, and an EMT for three prior. I’ve worked rural 911 ALS and while I’d hardly call myself a master, I decided it’s time to move on and advance to...
  4. NaimElm

    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    Got the boot at 81 questions. Thought I failed since I knew I got the last question wrong. Found out two hours later that I’m now a paramedic 😂
  5. NaimElm

    Anyone else ever failed 3 times or more??

    Hey I know this is a super old thread but thank you for posting this. I just failed my second attempt at the NREMT-P and I was feeling super down since all I read on other forums was “are you sure this is the right field for you?”. I’m gearing up for my third attempt and working on not...