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  1. TheMidnightPhilosopher

    New 68W Training

    In combat you want protocol to as simple as possible, TCCC is short and sweet and effective. I agree with all new medics having a basic understanding of clinical care before hitting the field, however it's a skill that is honed by experience and continuing education. Combat medicine and EMS care...
  2. TheMidnightPhilosopher

    New 68W Training

    Yep The last two statements are accurate in my book, the best Corpsman and Medics I have served with were force multipliers in many different facets. Medicine is just one piece of the pie.
  3. TheMidnightPhilosopher

    civillian vs military trauma treatments

    There is some truth in your comments sir, however there is also many inaccuracies. It is true that in the military we have a mostly healthy population and military medics generally treat ENT issues and musculoskeletal injuries in a stateside non wartime setting, that is not true when the setting...
  4. TheMidnightPhilosopher

    New 68W Training

    My Thoughts I believe all Navy 8404's and Army 68W would benefit from spending some time working in a clinical setting after their initial Field Medical Training. The clinic was the place that made me a better Corpsman, Trauma is important however diseases and various types of non-traumatic...
  5. TheMidnightPhilosopher

    Sound Off (Introduction Thread)

    What Up -Navy -Corpsman (8404, 90ET) -AD (98-Current) -Duty Stations: California, D.C., Virginia.