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    Professional Two-Way Radios for Sale or Trade

    Do you have a site or ebay?
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    What type of splint device to you use or like the best ?

    KED and pillows. In some of our trucks, the time it takes to get out the padded board splints or any of the ortho splints out of the over stuffed and jammed bench seat i could already be @ the ER. :P As far as vacuum splints go. More often then not the air or vacuum splint will be cut off...
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    Urban v. Suburban

    The main difference i have noticed after working in both an Urban and Suburban setting. There are more stairs to climb in an urban setting with less of a chance of finding an elevator. Other than the obvious differences, no matter where you go you will still get the same BS. Abuse of the system.
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    Massachusetts EMT-B jobs

    My advice is get to know some of your fellow EMS providers in the area. Have them give you the inside scoop when Basics are moving up to medic or the company is putting up extra trucks. A lot of times a position will be filled before the company can even post the opening. So it helps to have...
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    Certificates beyond the EMT-B license.

    From my understanding after approval from OEMS a service can be permitted to participate in a "special project" (ie nasal narcan, dual luman airway) With this comes very close observation by the company and the state, with 100% CQI . As far as SpO2 monitoring, Glucometry, micro nebz...
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    Happy belated Birthday! ~Pete

    Happy belated Birthday! ~Pete
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    Rocky Paraboot 10" with the side zipper. People are really hit or miss with this boot. But be advised no matter what it will feel uncomfortable the first time wearing them. After the breaking in they form really well.
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    What does your agency ride in...

    it has flashing lights and makes a noise that makes motorist unpredictable and it can go really fast
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    What direction is BLS goin in your state?

    I know that this is going to stir up some controversy but here we go. What is the scope of practice in your state, outside of the common BLS skills At the company I work for we are allowed to do Blood Sugars, Albuterol Neb Treatments, Nasal Narcan (special Mass OEMS Research Waiver), pulse...
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    Calling All NSP's

    Hey all, I was just curios as to what you carry on you when you go on patrol, and any other special things you may bring with you for your fun on the snow. Thanks
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    how do you handle your unruly medic partner?

    5 drops of Visine in his morning coffee will do the trick lol. :glare: btw im jk no matter how bad the partner is its just i wouldnt wish that fate on most people. If someones giving you problems just call them out on it. Then you can deal with it like adults. But if your partner isn't...
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    What's your call volume?

    all i can say about our call volume is that it is alot
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    ambulance driving

    if your over 18 and have a pulse your good to go. (id rather it not be this way but there isn't anything i can do to change policy)
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    What influnced you to work in EMS?

    Johnny, Roy, and Dr. Bracket talked me into it B)
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    Taking pictures on scene?

    on the truck we have a instant developing camera that we use to show the ER mechanism and other information from the scene. These pictures stay with the pt's file @ the hospital with the run report.
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    What's The Hiring Process For AMR?

    Ever watch Star Wars?? The recruitment for the AMR dark side is the same. LOL
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    What Do You Take With You On Your Shift??

    hmmm..... I guess what i bring depends on what type of shift i have. If its just a 12 hour shift i bring scope, uniform, scissors, boots, my wallet, portable, jacket, cell phone and thats it. If its a 24+ il bring my scope, uniform, extra clothing uniform, boots, scissors, my wallet, laptop,cell...
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    scheduling software?

    the software we use is RESCUE NET Crew Scheduler by ZOLL
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    Anyone from massachusetts?

    my bad. Do you work for Cataldo or Atlantic?
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    Backing Ambulance into Bay

    the best way to back in is to use your mirrors and pray