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    Louisiana Criminal Background Check

    Hey, If I have this posted in the wrong forum please feel free to move it. For those of you who applied to Louisiana for Licensing, how long did it take for you to get your Criminal Background Check back from the state?
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    Not sure really where to put this. But, I am a Paramedic and have been in the EMS Field for 16 years. I am offering BLS and Heartsaver Courses. I know most of you get your card classes for free through work. But, if you know of any business or people interested in taking a CPR or First Aid...
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    Schertz EMS Texas

    Hey, Does anyone in here work for Schertz EMS here in TX? I have a written assessment and Interview on August 13 and was wondering what to expect.
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    Good Texas EMS Companies to Work for?

    St Joseph Health Ems is hiring in College Station, Tx about 2 hrs away from san Antonio give or take
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    Can I get emt b certification in Texas with a class b misdemeanor as a minor?

    You want to contact Bianca Lopez at the TDHS
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    Just figured I would tell everyone I passed finally. Computer cut off at 80. This is for the Paramedic.
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    East texas employment

    They werent too bad. The people in HR were nice as well as the manager I interviewed with. The Operation Manager I had a hard time reading. He made the comment "No offence to you, but, a lot of people your age don't like coming into work." It didnt set well with me. But, besides that the company...
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    East texas employment

    Is there anyone in here from the East Texas area that knows of any good companies that are hiring? I am willing to go as far as Dallas area if need be. I did apply to Champion and got turned down. Thought the interview went well until I met with the operations supervisor. But, its ok, if anyone...
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    NRP test cut off at 150

    So your in the same boat as me then. I took my NREMT P today as well and went to 150.
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    Medictests Vs. JB Learning Test Prep Which is better?

    How? I have been on fisdap website several rimes already. It seems that it is geared towards schools and not just individual persons. Is there a special website i go to? Or do i call fisdap directly?
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    Medictests Vs. JB Learning Test Prep Which is better?

    So I see people using Fisdap. How do you sign up to get that? I have been on their website and it seems to be geared more towards schools.
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    Cypress Creek Interview

    I passed fisdap and the personality test. I have a panel interview Monday at 1pm. Do you have any tips for the panel interview?
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    Medictests Vs. JB Learning Test Prep Which is better?

    Has anyone used Kaplin Study Guide for Nremt Paramedic Prep?
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    Cypress Creek Interview

    Hey All, I got a interview with Cypress Creek and I am quite nervous about it. I was wondering if anyone in here had a interview with them and could give me an heads up on what to expect. Like what type of questions they ask. What to be prepared for and any type of tips would be great. Thank You
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    Canadate Application for NREMT

    Thank you very much.
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    Canadate Application for NREMT

    I know when I took my basic in 2005 and AEMT in 2016 you only did 1 application and it was for both the skills and written. Did they change it to where you have to do 2 separate applications now?
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    Canadate Application for NREMT

    So it's been 2 years since I took the NREMT which was for my AEMT. It looks as if the application to test for the NREMT has changed and I am a bit confused and hoping someone could help me. I have tried contacting the school with no response with an answer. So I am getting ready to take the...
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    Paramedic NREMT Study Guide

    So I know Jblearnig is a good site to use when studying for the NREMT exam. Has anyone used if so what is your experience with it? Also, does anyone use the paperback Study guides anymore? Like I used one from Brady back in 2005 when I took my EMT Basic and it helpped out a...
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    Amr Houston

    Rocket medic they have to be better than where I'm at now.
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    Amr Houston

    I don' mind going further south. I applied to Houston because they had an Advanced Emt position open.