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  1. phabib

    Haiti Earthquake EMS response

    Global Medic is sending a 5 person rapid response team. They'll send a mobile field hospital and water purification units.
  2. phabib

    Post the best EMS youtube videos

    Here's a few I like to get things started: Thrice - The Artist In The Ambulance Bodies R' Hauled Off
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    EMT/Medic Gamers

    I was a big gamer until school started up. Now I look at my console longingly over my book. Only two weeks till semester ends....
  4. phabib

    How old were you?

    20 When I was in EMT-B. 22 now in PCP program.
  5. phabib

    Paramedic girl or a guy?

    Small girls in my program get through the lift tests just fine once they get proper lifting technique down.
  6. phabib

    EMS in the Middle East

    I couldn't find how long term the positions are. I'd only be able to commit to a summer but it seems like a cool opportunity. They are taking EMT-basic applications online, it would be tempting. What is the compensation for expatriates going to work there?
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    Option to minimize EMTLIFE banner

    It's a suggestion area. It's a small change that would make the site easier and faster to navigate through.
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    Yeah, got back a few days ago. Need to pack the car but I'm being lazy. I'll make it to Canada...

    Yeah, got back a few days ago. Need to pack the car but I'm being lazy. I'll make it to Canada somehow.
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    Option to minimize EMTLIFE banner

    Is there a way a registered user could minimize the banner at the top of the page? It's just a slight annoyance but for lower resolution screens having to scroll down extra to get to the threads can get a bit tedious. If there was a way to minimize the section with sticky threads it would make...
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    Amateur surgery on

    Here's a haiku to express my feelings Why did they do that? The puss just kept coming out gloves, not expensive
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    the 100% directionless thread

    hm...interesting day. Heard of some friends getting evicted out of their apartment because too many black africans were visiting them. They run a program for refugees so it's normal to have people in and out of the apartment. The landlord called them prostitutes. oh...the landlord happens to...
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    View this film!

    Great film! Awesome job.
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    International volunteering for EMS

    From what I've researched EMS isn't in very high demand for international volunteer positions. MSF (Doctors without Borders) for example does not ask for EMTs or Paramedics. Withing the nursing section emergency experience is one of the desired traits but is not a hard requirement. There is an...
  14. phabib

    I START MY EMT CLASS IN 1 WEEK!!! any advice?

    Think of the other students as a crappy partner on your rig. You have to work things out with them for your job. Make it work. Don't go too crazy on the equipment front. You're more than set now for the entire course.
  15. phabib

    I START MY EMT CLASS IN 1 WEEK!!! any advice?

    Study. Do the reading and you'll be fine. Start on your practical sheets early so you have them memorized by the time you get tested.
  16. phabib


    These analogies are always way too simple. The students in the class still missed the major point. If they study then they will gain the knowledge, that is the point of school. Same thing with socialism in society. Will you want to work in a coal mine or at McDonald's just because you know you...
  17. phabib

    Fake Responder Interferes at Oklahoma Crash Scene

    Amazing how that guy didn't think it would backfire.
  18. phabib

    How was your School Experience

    What are you talking about? No one needs to actually know what to do in an emergency situation. /end sarcasm To the OP: I agree with Rid. You should escalate this. You're there to get an education and there is no reason this should be happening. Get your money's worth.
  19. phabib

    How was your School Experience

    I was in a good program. They spent a large chunk of the first week dispelling misconceptions about EMS and weeding out bad students. A lot of people dropped the courses in that first week and got their money back. After that it was mostly dedicated students. my proffesors did a great job with...
  20. phabib

    Wahooooo!!! Cut the cake and let's party!!!!!

    Sweet. I'm sure you'll be a paramedic in no time. Check if they have that same scholarship while you're in Basic. Might as well jump right into medic school.