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  1. Hockey

    Ontario Paramedics (Toronto/Hamilton REGION) I have some questions about the job market and moving

    Currently a Paramedic in Michigan, and in the reciprocity process (very very long process) of obtaining my PCP and then ACP. I've been looking at job openings for the last couple months, and talking with some agencies I am finding out most hire around this time of the year and that is it. I...
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    EMT refuses to respond

    She was just fired. She has a history of doing this. People that work with her have ALL said this doesn't surprise them. She has done stuff like this in the past (not to this severity). There is a long paper trail on her. She works on the Romeo Unit so she doesn't have to lift, or...
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    New Orleans EMS A&E show! *Video*

    LOL Okay...sure
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    New Orleans EMS A&E show! *Video*

    Project Free TV has the shows all on their page (all sorts of shows are on here) Episode 2 will be on here later. Good show, and for the people judging the personnel, and some of the things they say or do, have never worked in a "big...
  5. Hockey

    Fighting over a patient? First responder vs EMT

    I didn't know they allowed 13 year olds to be in EMS....huh...
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    Oxygen Masks for Animals-Any Orgs That Donate?

    Recently we had a structure fire that had a couple dogs and cats inside. They used pet oxygen masks and all ended up surviving thankfully. Well come to find out we only have one or two. Management shot down the idea of purchasing more due to how often we would ever use it and basically it...
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    Austin-Travis EMS/Outside Texas applicant

    Fish was with WilCo. He was recruiter I believe and we had a few words here and there before I was a medic or right when I had my license. I think I recall reading he was looking at going to the Carolinas but wasn't sure. They hire usually once or twice a year and seem to be a solid...
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    Austin-Travis EMS/Outside Texas applicant

    Saw they hire folks in as Medic-I which is EMT. How often do they promote from that level to MedicII if you're already a Paramedic? You have to attend their EMS Academy, correct? How many weeks does that run for? I have limited internet access where I am at currently so I can't check...
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    Aemt/i Pay

  10. Hockey

    Securing Controlled Meds

    I just don't get what the big thing is about whats in the box. Okay, Fentanyl and Morphine. Maybe get some Versed too. That little high for a few minutes isn't worth losing my job, or my license over. Ever. I never will understand why some folks have done it.
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    Denis Leary bringing "Sirens" to the States (EMS on TV)

    Just like Scrubs. Building a base and then going from there First episode
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    TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care)

    International School Of Tactical Medicine????
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    Working in Qatar

    Is this kinda what we were talking about? Sorry that it happened.
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    Afghanistan/Iraq in 2014

  15. Hockey

    Afghanistan/Iraq in 2014

    Thanks akf. Just looking for base operations and clinical type so. If you need someone, gimme a shout. Thanks again!
  16. Hockey

    Afghanistan/Iraq in 2014

    Nope lol Just looking for an experience and to make some money to get everything paid off
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    Afghanistan/Iraq in 2014

    Looking to hear from some folks that have some knowledge of what the outlook for contract positions for Paramedics in Afghanistan or Iraq will look like in 2014. I understand OHS is currently the big name in Afghanistan, but curious how long they are contracted through. What are some other...
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    Going Beyond The Minimum: Paramedic or Ambulance Driver?

    lol there is talk around my work about that post. People totally missed the point of it
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    Princess Cruises?