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    If the patient took OTC oral Benadryl 30 minutes before Basic EMS arrived and your protocols state that you can give the patient oral OTC Benadryl every 45 minutes, then document what time the patient took theirs, wait 15 minutes and give them another dose. and Document the 2nd dose time
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    It Happened: Continuing Education Audit

    Turn in your National Registry October 1st so if you get audited you have time to deal with it
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    Out of area transport

    Think about doing 75% of your runs from State A, and transporting 98% to State B. That is my PT job, we cover both sides of a state line; 40 miles west into the state we are based in, and 56 miles east into the state that we transport mostly to
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    Out of area transport

    Glad I work in states that have statewide protocols
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    RsqCrack: because the doctors don't always take the time to check things, including looking at the medication list and more importantly the drug allergy list: In many areas EMS is better at diagnosing (or at least faster) Sepsis, and CVA's than ED's .
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    Dual Sequential Defibriliation

    We have talked about it at my PT job; thought and talked a lot about doing it on a patient in and out of Cardiac arrest back in January: 135 mile transport, in and out 7 times. We we decided to do it the next time he coded, (we were 35 miles into the transport: no cell or radio service) he...
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    Asking a history on every person is where you learn. When you have time between runs, look at the medications that the patient takes: figure out what those medications are for, and you can start figuring out the medical histories of patients without asking them. Pay attention and learn from...
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    Professional development / tuition reimbursement at your agency

    Supposedly the Army does, but since we are a small base, we don't have anyone who can explain it to us
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    Grad Degrees

    I wok for the Army, (Civilian), and we have to do the "I will work '3 x' any training the Army pays for. I did a 7.5 hour class they paid for and had to sign a form that I would work 22.5 hours afterwards before i took my ABLS cert and quit.
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    What do people write on their gloves? I don’t really see what you would need to write down.

    I usually write the patients name down, because I am bad about remembering names
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    Grad Degrees

    Some times I wish I had gotten a degree; I have no idea what I would have taken; and for the most part it doesn't seem to help other paramedics who have gotten one be a better medic. Sure doesn't help them write better run reports. A couple of friends are going to nursing school, and other...
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    USCG Air Station Sitka 2023 Year in Review

    I wonder if they run into Bears like Kodiak does?
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    Anybody from Elko county Nevada ?

    So: Elko County EMS is based out of Elko City, and they do IFT and 911. Elko City FD also transports. Elko city is the west end of Elko County. Elko City has a Small 15-20 bed ED, and 70 or so in patient rooms, and does Cardiac Caths and has decent Physc help. MedX covers Wells Nevada...
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    EMR Training Starts Tomorrow!

    Good luck to both of you, and welcome to EMS
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    ALS/BLS Handover

    EMTALA violations are understood as well as HIPAA violations
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    I went on my first two calls and they terrified me

    It is hard, I have been in EMS for going on 26 years; and last week at my PT job we had 3 deaths in 22 hours. Got ROSC back 4 times on 1 of them, and transported him 135 miles to a hospital and he was alive when we got there. It is hard, I remember most of my dead patients, but I remember a...
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    Does anyone remember using this

    Most of us did dumb stuff back in the day, that would get us fired now
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    Paramedic Certificate to Degree

    CCSD: I don't know I haven't looked at it much, too old to start
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    You're turning too sharp......

    one I can see, but the word should get around not to be dumb
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    Can you imagine seeing this on an EMS call?

    Had someone's Fitbit tell him to call 911, his HR was 150. He bought some Gummies designed to help adults with ADHD, and the package said if you have never taken them before to take half of one. He took 6 (out of a package of 12).