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    Expired Washington State EMT

    Hey yall I'm here in Washington state, worked private for 6 years and quit just iver a year ago. My WA State cert expired this last November 2018. My NREMT is expired as well. But now I kinda miss it so thought it would be nice to just have my NREMT. Here in WA, you need to renew based on...
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    NY 911

    I'm wondering about 911 ambulance services in Ny that are not FDNY such as SeniorCare, Citywide, Midwood, etc, as well as the Hospital based services. Wondering about pay, contracts, response, primary/secondary, schedule, etc. Thanks!
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    Sierra Amber & RM/AMR Santa Clara

    Hey guys Wondering if anyone has info on both Sierra ambulance and the AMR/RM operation in Santa Clara County. Does anyone know how much both operations start EMTs at, how schedules are, relationship with fire and hospitals, things like that? Anthony
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    US to New Zealand

    Hey all, i have searched threads about Americans going to New Zealand but nothing recent. Everything is from 2 years ago or longer. Just seeing if anyone has updated info on that. Hopefully someone from there? What is the process of reciprocity of any? Would it be easier to maybe just go to...
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    Emt killed responding to call on last shift.

    Very sad. It was her last shift before med school.
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    Medic dumps patient off gurney on purpose

    I'm sure we've all fantasized about it but what was going on in this dude's life to make him actually snap and do it?
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    Metro West Ambulance, OR

    Hey yall, Seeing if anyone has info on Metro West in Oregon. I hear they're pretty good? Anyone know anything about pay? Schedules? Management? Contracts ? Also for medics, is it true you need an AA to work in Oregon? What about basics?
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    Remote medical

    Hey yall, Just wondering if anyone knows anything about remote medical? Just curious what kind of stuff they do, where, general info, etc?
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    Uk ems people!

    I have recently become super obsessed with the possibility of going to the UK to be a paramedic. I love that they have "paramedic apprentice/student" programs! From how it looks, it is a 5 year program working on the job and having part time class/studying until you finally become a registered...
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    cascade medical center washington

    Hey yall, I might have asked about this a couple years ago or so but anyone have info about cascade medical center ambulance services in Leavenworth? From what it looks like on the website they do 911 and SAR in the mountains? Anyone know ppl who work there? How pay and scheduling is?
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    scope expansion in Washington state?

    I heard from our base station training that Washington is aiming for making the base level scope basically EMT-I? Also medic scope will be expanding to accommodate community paramedic programs to do sutures and prescribe meds etc? Anyone have any info on this? Like when they'll implement these...
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    Singularity Medical Transport in WA????

    Looks like a new company and the first IFT only company in the Seattle area that I've seen! Interesting that another company is popping up! Are these guys running ops yet or what? Also, anyone seen Tri-Med's overhauled website? It's pretty nice! I saw they got a new HR person too. Anyone here...
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    Any Washington State EMT's, RN's, Dispatchers, ATS Driver's Looking For Work???

    If any of you are looking for work in Washington State shoot me a PM!
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    Class A and Class B uniform shirts

    what is the a difference???
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    rural metro washington interview!

    Hey everyone I have a panel interview tomorrow with rural metro! Anyone have any suggestions or info on questions etc? Also what kind of things should I prepare for with the written and practical test? Any info is greatly appreciated!
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    Washington State- Cascade Medical Center, Leavenworth, EMT position

    Does anyone have info on the EMT position at CMC? such as how much EMT's are paid there and what kind of shifts they work?
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    New York EMT killed in crash ouch... thoughts go to his family and everyone involved
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    Rural Metro PNW, ATS driver?

    Does anyone have any info on this job? What's scheduling for FTE like? Is it a good foot in the door to get moved up to EMT? (Yes I am an EMT)
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    Recently fired for Falling Asleep

    So, i recently got fired. I been working for a few months, still a probie. an open 24 hour shift came up so i took it. yay first 24! it was a nice busy day, including my first full-code around midnight where the guy died (my first death too) Then at 0300 we get an interfacility for a...