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  1. Phillyrube

    EMS Changing Names

    Not sure what to make of all this. Some people want to change EMS, since a lot of care being provided, like intrafacility, paramedicine, etc, is not really emergency. Take a read and comment. IAFC is against it.
  2. Phillyrube

    What would you do if you found a patient who looked like this?

    Anyone from New Orleans EMS care to comment? Seems they would see a lot of this. Me, no big deal.
  3. Phillyrube

    This Has Gotta Hurt

    Believe this happened in Australia. Never run from the law. Hopped a fence into a construction site and.......
  4. Phillyrube

    EMT Students Practicing IM Injections

    We did IV practice on each other. Injected oranges with vodka for IM practice, peaches for SQ. Eat the fruit while doing critiques.
  5. Phillyrube

    Paratrooper Boots

    I was a sailor, what is shoe shining? Heheh. I wore Rockys or Bates. Slap some polish on there each shift, hit it with a brush. Looks good, protects the leather. Soles wore out long before the leather.
  6. Phillyrube

    City Trauma Care

    What a maroon.......oh yeah, I used to pull steering wheels with a porta power, and the first IV s, we had to stick our arm out the window to get the BOTTLE high enough to flow
  7. Phillyrube

    City Trauma Care

    Sure it's antiquated. So are Mast pants, rotating tourniquets, 3/4 boots and all the bicarb we used to dump in CA patients But, if it's all you got..... Forgot air splints..... Heheheh:eek:
  8. Phillyrube

    City Trauma Care

    :DKids today. I started in this business when we had no quik clot,afaik, helicopters, and got alerted by a siren on the pole. Not ideal, sure, but when you got nothing else. Besides, that's what antibiotics are for.
  9. Phillyrube

    City Trauma Care

    Interesting article from my old hood. We used to carry a few tampons for just this purpose.
  10. Phillyrube

    the 100% directionless thread

    What kind of oil do you use in your Harley?
  11. Phillyrube

    Are they called "Paramedics" or "Medics"?

    Me? I'm a First Class All American Hero With Heart and Mind Wired Full Tilt Boogie for Freedom and Justice!
  12. Phillyrube

    Arrest Resuscitation

    ...or ask why the hair on their chest is singed?
  13. Phillyrube

    Question about age (Do you feel EMS has an age limit)

    I was 65 when I cashed out in 2017. 40 years worth. Had a few medical I worked with older than me, all excellent. I miss the adrenaline, not the sore joints. Fortunately we have great fire backup so I wasnt hauling bodies down multiple flights of stairs. The experience really helped...
  14. Phillyrube

    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    A friend of mine sat on her Mic in her car one day while explaining the facts of life to her daughter. Before trunked systems, not uncommon for someone to get a helium balloon and talk on the Mic. Get toned,out for a working fire, the crew asks for lead in. Someone else keys up and says head...
  15. Phillyrube

    .....Responding From The Bar!

    Interesting story out of LA.
  16. Phillyrube

    Hurricane Dorian

    My old team is not on call but half the members are backfilled to other teams. Me? I'm sitting in the middle of horlando.
  17. Phillyrube

    What do you say instead of "You'll be fine/okay"?

    911 call centers. Another topic perhaps? DC 911 killed 2 a couple months ago
  18. Phillyrube

    Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) DMAT Paramedic

    That's about normal. I had my security position RIFed and was asked to revert back to medical technician. Sure, but to go through that entire vetting again? Forget it, so I just retired. Had a lot of fun and we did good work on the teams.
  19. Phillyrube

    Funny one liners you've said to overheard to a patient

    Ive gotten laughs from the other cops and firefighters on the scene when I ask a house full of people if all 5 cars in the driveway are broken, responding to a guy who called for 4 day old knee pain.
  20. Phillyrube

    How should one dress for an interview?

    Be nice to the hired help. On the PD, the secretary and the custodian were asked about the appicant. He would mop the floor, if the applicant just walked over it, he got buzzed. Say excuse me, is there another way in, walk along the wall, etc, you got his vote. Point being, everyone you...