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  1. DrParasite

    What would you do if you found a patient who looked like this?

    A professional dancer caused a scare at Beaumont Hospital Royal Oak Monday night when she had a panic attack while getting zombie makeup done - and her look put the hospital on high alert. "(They said) Let's get her back to trauma now and she's probably going into shock, she's not making any...
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    Prehospital treatment for croup

    Yesterday, my son experienced a croup attack. Woke up from his nap screaming, crying, barking, etc, because he was having trouble breathing. With this not being his first bout (he's been in the ER at least 3 times for it, usually at 11pm), since it was 4pm, we took him to the pediatrician's...
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    Sending someone home sick

    Do any EMS agencies have written policies for sending someone home sick? such as if an employee comes to work with a cold, they can be sent home (essentially against their will), especially since we deal with immunocompromised people a lot? With the recent video from South Carolina with the...
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    Study Shows Black Children Less Likely to Receive Bystander CPR

    July 10—African American children living in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods are significantly less likely than their Caucasian counterparts in disadvantaged or wealthier areas to receive CPR from a bystander, according to new research in Journal of the American Heart Association...
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    Paramedic under investigation for death of schizophrenic patient I did a search, and didn't find any previous threads on this topic. In a nutshell, EMS gets called for an EDP, EDP doesn't get transported, and a few hours later gets hit by...
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    How much water should we be drinking?

    Question for those in the know (especially those exercise fanatics): How much water should a person be drinking a day? and more importantly, how much water should be drank before a period of extreme exertion? A few years ago, a fire captain / department fitness guru told me that if you are...
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    my first EMS agency closes its doors... and it's only a little bit shady.....

    Even though I left the organization in more than a decade ago, it's sad that an organization that handled 4500 calls a year a strictly volunteer agency can fall so far to the point where it hires a paid EMS chief, hires it's own employees (going from 100% volunteer to combination with paid and...
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    Student evaluations

    For all the instructors and instructor managers out there: What value do you place on student evaluations of instructors, particularly in regards to non-quantifiable items?
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    TP-C, CCP-C, CPP-C ,TR-C, EM-C, EMT-T,

    IBSC has several -C certifications American Academy of Event Medicine has the EM-C CONTOMS runs an EMT-T course there is even an WEMT course for wilderness EMTs Are any of these courses worthwhile? Does any employer actually care about them? I would think if your employer wanted to send to...
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    Seattle FD prepares for AMR EMT strike

    I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned by anyone else, considering how Seattle Medic 1 is considered to be one of the best EMS agencies out there. Some interesting highlights and Why would any for profit company continue with a contract where they have been losing money for several years...
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    What can you do in EMS besides work on an ambulance?

    Brief summary: Entertainment, Hospitality, Events, International, Hospital, Industrial & Laboratory Here are links to the article that lists 7 Alternative EMS Careers (broken up into two sections)
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    EMS Today 2019 @National Harbor, MD

    Looking at their presentation topic lists, there definitely look like some interesting learning opportunities, so I'm going to try to go for at least one day. Anyone else going? From the website: EMS Today offers: networking with 4,600+ EMS professionals from around the world, countless...
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    Ambulance Crew Configuration: Are Two Paramedics Better Than One?

    When determining the most appropriate complement of ALS crews, serious consideration should be given to five key factors that may significantly influence patient outcomes and system viability: ALS practitioner proficiency: The first consideration is whether the proficiency of a practitioner’s...
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    My PHTLS cert expired, and I was looking at asking our training department to host either an ITLS or PHTLS course somewhere in the county. Currently we don't do any cert classes (our medical director isn't a fan of the 1 & 2 day merit badge courses), but I thought PHTLS was a decent class, as a...
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    Part time EMTs and Paramedics

    What are your thoughts on part time EMTs or Paramedics? and by part time, I mean a career employee who works for your agency on the ambulance, but has a another full time job unrelated to EMS or public safety (in @bigbaldguy's case, he's a flight attendant, I used to work with a guy who was...
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    Do you have a college degree, and is it EMS related

    With there being some discussion about EMS requiring a degree in the future, I wanted to ask everyone on here a multi part question: 1) Do you have a college degree? 1a) if yes, was it completed before you got into EMS? 1b) If yes, what is the higher degree you have earned? and lastly, is your...
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    EMT accused of threatening to stab co-worker with ‘rusty spoon’

    A city EMT was busted early Monday for threatening to attack his bed-stealing co-worker with a “rusty spoon,” police said. “I will stab you with a rusty spoon if you sleep in my bed,” Richard Cuccurullo, 25, allegedly wrote in a Facebook post...
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    Tow company under fire for booting ambulance

    Tow company under fire for booting ambulance Business owner Mark Hale defended ABC Towing, who put a boot on the ambulance after it parked in a private lot
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    EMT seen on video beating restrained 17-year-old boy

    DUNWOODY, Ga. - Disturbing video from from several Dunwoody police officers wearing body cameras shows an emergency medical technician attacking a restrained teen patient in the back of an ambulance. Read the rest of the report here (but to be honest, the video pretty much speaks for itself)...