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  1. Joe

    LED Lights on Ambulance?

    All we have on the rigs are LED's
  2. Joe

    Economy and EMT jobs in Southern California

    You don't want to work in Laco or the oc. Check out Kern County. You actually function as am EMT and not just a taxi driver from dialysis to con home
  3. Joe

    CA EMTs and Medics looking for a fresh start?

    TRSpeed is correct. They do take into consideration years of exp. Yes maybe I was unclear about the 3rd service thing. We don't transport because fire says so, and were not a stepchild employee of fire. We operate as a team but all fire (with the exception being one city in the county) is bls.
  4. Joe

    The EMTLife 500 Contest

    9/29/13 afternoon
  5. Joe

    CA EMTs and Medics looking for a fresh start?

    Hall Ambulance in Kern county is accepting applications for EMT and Paramedic. If you want to work in a somewhat busy, first in, 911 system with state of the art equipment, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Kern county is one of the best counties in Ca with a wide scope and freedom to act as a true 3rd...
  6. Joe

    clip art for shirts

    Yea that's what I'm talking about. If you can manage to come up with something usable there's a free t shirt in it for ya
  7. Joe

    clip art for shirts

    I'm trying to create some shirts but I'm pretty dumb when it comes to this. Basically what I'm looking for are the letters EMS with the american flag inside the letters. I've seen fire shirts like this but no one has the ems letters with a flag background in them. Anyone have any idea what I'm...
  8. Joe

    FIRE and EMS problem.

    Wait, was the thing on fire? Wouldn't your job as an EMT give you better prep for this kind of scene. I am so happy I got out of that damn county.
  9. Joe

    What are some medical diseases/problems a patient told you

    Stiff mans syndrome
  10. Joe

    Funny Ems phrases

    I always liked urban outdoors man.
  11. Joe

    What was the first EMT job you had?

    Amr 911. Spent a year there and jumped ship. Now still 911 but loving it
  12. Joe

    Wearing your state patch/NR patch to protest

    Oops i misread the poll. Non agency affiliated patches should be fine. I do see the problem with agency patches.
  13. Joe

    What did Santa bring you?

    New g shock and blinds for the house
  14. Joe

    computer charting help please

    My theory is when you go to court its easier to recall information from your narrative because the e charts dont flow like your brain does. Some words may trigger memories. I always write a complete narrative from dispatch to handoff. You could write the minimum 10 characters and send it off but...
  15. Joe

    Please tell me about Hall Ambulance

    Goalcoal, welcome man! Academy is basically emt school from start to finnish. You show up in uniform and do classroom stuff for however long class is (cant remember) good luck
  16. Joe

    Please tell me about Hall Ambulance

    Fish, if i remember right the county is divided into unique opperating areas. If someone wants out a company all the other areas have to agree on it. Hall has built his empire since 1971. Seems like he did something right. I doubt there would be any way for amr/rural metro to buy them...
  17. Joe

    Long List of Protocols

    I would imagine you have to know about 80% of them. In all seriousness i would spend the next two days studying like your job depended on it. Good luck!!
  18. Joe

    Banned words list

    Ha! I got an infraction for calling someone a troll...even though tjats what was going on! Looks like emt life is joining the liberal junk and shutting down alot of gun threads. Its bs
  19. Joe

    Do paramedics have/use clot busting drugs? Seemed like a big deal when i was in la county.
  20. Joe

    Do paramedics have/use clot busting drugs?

    Some places have fast mag in the field but its very limited as far as i know. Mostly a trial with depts