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    Bystanders Invading Your Ambulance

    hmm that reminds me, my instructor was 6'4" 230 lbs, I dount he could fit thru the walk-thru if his life depended on it. :ph34r: -Cap'nPanic
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    Question on degree / job information

    Here in Arkie I think once you are a paramedic, you can get in 5yrs exp, then take 40hr instructors course to teach EMTB courses. Then I think for every level you want to teach you have to get an additional 40 hrs. I could be wrong though. But as far as getting a Masters in EMS, sure its a nice...
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    Gas prices

    Yeah we'll be able to remember the days when 3.19/gal gas was cheap when in a short time we'll be paying close to 5-6/gal. About two years ago Scotland's gas prices were equivalent to 7 U.S. dollars, and many Scots have since sold their vehicles and started sharing one vehicle with the entire...
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    New Members

    Welcome new members Smart Guy and Medic_Civ_Def! Pull up a chair and stay a while we'd like to know you better so please tell us a bit about yourself.... Heres a few questions to help you get started: What state/country do you reside in? Are you ALS or BLS? (or are you a student?) Is your...
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    Gas prices

    Prices at 3.00 here now and gas stations are rationing gas. Fire PD EMS get 1st dibs in the AM when they open. They usually fill up all the rigs at this point. We ran completely out yesterday at one station. -Cap'nPanic
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    Hi there!

    No I think he just likes post whoring.... :P ;) -Cap'nPanic
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    EMTLife... the new google

    Some one has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much time on their hands..... :P :D :lol: :ph34r: :) B)
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    What Have We Learned from Katrina??

    If several states pulled together their resources BEFORE the hurricane hits, we could possibly evacuate the entire city of NOLA. Thats what I said that we could use school buses, church buses, greyhound buses, 15 passenger vans, military convoys, even limos would be handy ;) It would have to...
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    Preparing while resources are being used

    Im going to make another set of rounds to the local EMS serivces and let them know Im still needing a job if they are needing someone to fill in for EMTs that are deployed, it doesnt look like I will be able to go south, sadly. :( -Cap'nPanic
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    Bystanders Invading Your Ambulance

    As I was taught by my instructor, get in the unit, close the door and lock it behind you, this helps for safety and privacy reasons. It really helps if you have a button that locks the doors from the rear compartment, so last man in locks doors, then uses the walk-thru to reach the cab. If you...
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    Pennsylvania orders all EMS personnel to stand by

    Arkansas EMS providers have been asked to state whether or not they are available for deployment. I noticed my local EMS is getting a rig ready to go south. I may be headed to either NOLA or Biloxi depending on what happens. I should know by the weekend. -Cap'nPanic
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    Hi there!

    Welcome to the forums, pull up a chair and stay a while, were happy to have you hear. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. If you have any question feel free to ask. We're a pretty open minded group. Cap'nPanic The one the only the wal-mart greeter B)
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    Way To Pass Time

    The meth guy was friggin' hilarious! Little did he know............................ -Cap'nPanic
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    Gas prices

    Well when I finally do get a job I plan moving within 5-6 blocks of it so at least I could walk to work, and hopefully daycare and school would be within walking distance, then only drive when absolutely necessary, but whos going to find a decent place like that? Especially one with a backyard...
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    Gas prices

    One gas station here in town just ran completely out of gas, the other one was raising price to 3.10 - bad part is that the mgr is family :blink: -Cap'nPanic
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    Whacker 6

    Whacker, You just sparked an idea for me....... If you have another Wacker unit, do you think you could part with it and auction it off for charity on ebay?? Im sure other EMTs and Medics would place bids for the cause. Im currently looking into an old Type II BLS unit to restore thats located...
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    Gas prices

    Friends, I think its time to rethink our dependency on gasoiline. Perhaps we should move closer to work and ride a bike or walk to work. Dont get your kid a new car for 16th b-day or graduation, give them something more meaningful such as a savings bond, or college tuition. Start shopping...
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    Gas prices

    Gas prices here are are $2.70 for the low-grade shtuff. I am seriously going to have to move into an apartment or duplex in town where daycare and work are a short walk. I drive a 92 Ford Explorer, it gets 20-25 mpg, depends on how it wants to act that day. I believe my next vehicle will have to...
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    Evacuating New Orleans to Houston

    Im not saying the hurricane was his fault, its not, but his reaction to it in my opinion was poor. I dont think hes fit to be president, I think hes fit to sit at home on his ranch in Texas. What is sad is the fact he waited until the LA Gov made not one but TWO statements before he gave thought...
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    Welcome FireMedicChick

    Welcome to EMTLife FireMedicChick! Pull up a chair and stay a while, we are an open minded group, so feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. Tell us a bit about yourself... Cap'nPanic the one the only the wal-mart greeter B)