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  1. Colt45

    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    I'm going to bet you passed. Good job! Stop fretting. If it gets that hard all of you new to this thread need to realize it's adaptive. If it's super super hard- you are probably above your scope or you didn't pay any attention in class and shouldn't be managing patient care.
  2. Colt45

    Test Preparation

    Thanks guys for your replies. I did the original IA med course and passed their final. I did one flight bridge ed course and tbh I got a 66%. 72% is passing. I retook another exam a few days later ( you get 4) and got an 85. There were a few repeat questions for sure. I'm just trying to Guage my...
  3. Colt45

    Test Preparation

    Hello all. I am going to take my FP-C test in about a week. I took the IA Med class and have self studied for about a month since ( pretty heavily. Anywhere from 4-6 hours a day). I wanted some more test preparation exams and as easy as Google is- the best I found was ACESAT or FlightbridgeED. I...
  4. Colt45

    Stemi? or no?

    I agree that is a STEMI. And even if it wasn't your call to activate the cath lab was more than reasonable.
  5. Colt45

    Paid per call?

    Yeah I see your point RocketMedic. The only thing that keeps me interested is the fact that she said wages are comparable to national paramedic wages (16-18).
  6. Colt45

    Paid per call?

    I was feeling the same. I cant make up 48 hours of pay if we had no calls... but they stated on the phone to come do a 48 hour ride along. See if it fits both parties and go from there. I'm assuming they would elaborate more once I drove down there.
  7. Colt45

    Paid per call?

    Hey guys. Thinking about joining another ambulance agency on top of my current job. I was talking on the phone with the HR lady, and she said they are paid $1.00 hourly, but based on the call (signed release, helicopter transport since there are no large hospitals in the area, and ground...
  8. Colt45

    Complications of hyperventilation

    Just to hint a little more on what DesertMedic was saying, if someone is being hyperinflated what do you expect the vital signs to be in regard to the added air? Why would overexpanding the lungs cause this?
  9. Colt45

    the 100% directionless thread

    PD haha. That's funny though.
  10. Colt45

    City college

    5k sounds great... I payed 8 for 31 credit hours. Not bad if you look at it that way and it went towards a bachelor's. But 20,20,000 K for EMT school? I would have laughed and said see ya later.
  11. Colt45

    Diluting Meds in Flushes? *poll*

    You don't come to that conclusion without learning the concept or what a flush is. What normal saline is. How it acts when introduced to the circulatory system. I laugh cause it's a basic concept that most basic emt education should cover. And they only assist with prescribed medication. In...
  12. Colt45

    Diluting Meds in Flushes? *poll*

    There is no problem with it. Some of this detailed sterile not sterile makes me laugh. There are moments when it matters but to the extent that has been discussed here. Eh. Most likely not a big deal.
  13. Colt45

    What’s considered a Retest

    So when are you taking your test?
  14. Colt45

    How much did you spend on education?

    Easy 30k for bachelors In emergency management. Included 7k for medic school. 3500 for fire school.
  15. Colt45

    What’s considered a Retest

    You have to test for the third time at a different location on a different day. That's the basis of it. If you failed twice thi k about why you're failing. I know it can be hard but try and look at the interventions you performed and see if they were correct. The document you used isn't even...
  16. Colt45

    Medictests Vs. JB Learning Test Prep Which is better?

    JBL is a little better IMO but I found value in both. Especially medictests NR simulator.
  17. Colt45

    asthma code

    I'm curious about this. Can you give some examples? You can even PM me if we don't want to switch the topic. This is great information here but honestly running the code is more likely to help this guy rather than messing around with lab values that we can't even get in the field. Unless your...
  18. Colt45

    NREMT Prep

    If I HAD to choose between those two, I wold say EMTprep. National training has garbage questions and is extremely overpriced.
  19. Colt45

    PDP Epi Standing orders

    Also a trick I use is grabbing a 3-way stop cock and have your epi just hooked onto the end. If you use all 10 CC of your first flush hook another one up that had 9CC in it and push another CC of epi into it using the stop cock. Saves time getting and safer than using multiple needles.
  20. Colt45

    PDP Epi Standing orders

    Push dose Epi for me is squirting 1 CC from a 10 CC NS flush and adding 1CC of Epi 1:10. You're basically making Epi 1:100, and the put some tape around the flush and label it as Epi so that nobody mistakes it for normal saline. Every CC at that point is 10MCG which is in that dosage range...