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  1. Danson

    Trinity Ambulance in MA

    FYI: I got the job and here is some info on the interview process: Step 1 is the interview. Step 2 is a 50 question written test the same day. Step 3 is skills testing day: -trauma assessment/spinal immobilization -medical assessment -cpr/aed -upper extrem. splinting -traction...
  2. Danson

    Upper Extremity Splinting

    I was recently asked how I would splint a broken scapula and clavicle and shoulder. My first thought would to just use the good old sling and swathe method...but are there other ways to do this? Any thoughts? Any web resources with pictures? Thanks!
  3. Danson

    Trinity Ambulance in MA

    Oops! I forgot to change my location info. Yeah, I've moved back to MA from CA. That would be a long commute!
  4. Danson

    Trinity Ambulance in MA

    Hey All, I have an interview on Monday with Trinity Ambulance in MA. Does anyone have any info as to what their hiring process is like? Any info is helpful...thanks guys!
  5. Danson

    Cataldo Ambulance

    so for Cataldo do you apply and then get asked to come in for testing, or do you just call and register for the test date and submit an application then?
  6. Danson

    Cataldo Ambulance

    Could you let us know how it goes? I know I'll be interested...I'll be moving back home to Boston from Cali at the end of May and Cataldo is one of my top choices.
  7. Danson


    I have a few friends that work there and they say that it's pretty shady...but hey, a job's a job right? I guess we can't get too choosy in this economy. Just count your hours and CYA!
  8. Danson

    Chronicles of EMS 2.0

    I'm excited for the reality series. There is only one episode at the moment, but they are getting the funding together to make 10 more.
  9. Danson

    Southside Virginia Emergency Crew EMT stops police chase with ambulance - EMT Charged

    We aren't cops. Anyone who interferes with a chase is way out of line. I can bet that his rig was out of service for at least a few hours too. What about the people that he could have been helping while he was dealing with the endless red tape that occurs after a rig collision?
  10. Danson

    That watch on your wrist is nasty.

    I definitely cavi my steth, bp cuff after every pt contact. I never thought about my watch though. Now that gets added to the cancer wash!
  11. Danson

    The Biggest Questions: A Poll

    too many choices! Wish I could pick more than one...
  12. Danson

    Listening To Music While Transporting

    haha, I meant as the driver! I would never listen in the back. ^_^
  13. Danson

    Listening To Music While Transporting

    This is probably a really stupid question...but what does OP stand for?
  14. Danson

    Listening To Music While Transporting

    Yeah, I'll also listen up front while transporting. We have rear speakers but I'd never use them unless the PT asked.
  15. Danson

    here are the symptoms.. can you figure it out?

    I totally agree. Does she smoke or have hypertension?
  16. Danson

    Listening To Music While Transporting

    I have heard a few different opinions on listening to music while transporting a non-critical pt (code 2). What do you all think?
  17. Danson

    Interview At Bowers Ambulance Tomorrow!

    Yeah, just sit tight and wait. I hate the waiting's the hardest part! Good Luck!!
  18. Danson

    Do u dream EMT??

    Wow, never thought of that! When that happens I'll let you know.
  19. Danson

    Do u dream EMT??

    I definitely do dream EMS. More so when I was in school, but I still do from time to time. It's always kind of weird though. I had a dream a few months ago that I was suctioning a raccoon. I have no idea what that means.
  20. Danson

    How to get an EMT Job

    this is a great thread!