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  1. sack jears

    Mental Illness and Substance Abuse in EMS Workers

    Thanks man. Stay strong brother anks
  2. sack jears

    Mental Illness and Substance Abuse in EMS Workers

    This is exactly what I needed to read. I have bipolar disorder and a hx of drug abuse in the past. It's important to surround you love you. it's a struggle. But it can be strong. Message me if you ever want to talk. It will help us both out. Stay safe brother
  3. sack jears

    ADD/ADHD in EMS providers

    Gotta be a little crazy to do this gig haha
  4. sack jears

    ADD/ADHD in EMS providers

    They thought I had ADD but i turned out to have bipolar disorder. Whole other can of worms right there
  5. sack jears

    Need support

    I created this post last night after taking my sleeping medication for the evening and to be honest don't remember it at all. thus most of the spelling and grammatical errors. Appreciate the love tho. I'm all right. Ambien is a hell of a drug
  6. sack jears

    Need support

    One week away from starting medic school, I get a phone call saying a good friend of mine has been put on life support second to a high falling trauma to his head. They cut the back of his skull off to reduce swelling. I went to see him and it's rough. Parents devistatedl and pure raw emotions...
  7. sack jears

    What's the dumbest thing you've said to a patient?

    While on my ride outs I had to give a patient report to the nurse at the hospital- "this is ---- she is 56... But.. But young in the heart" pt called because of chest pain a week after having a stent placed. I froze lol
  8. sack jears

    Funny Things We Say To Make Our Patients Feel Better

    My friend said that to an old woman during his assessment and she actually stabbed him lol
  9. sack jears

    Stethoscope - The Mega Thread

    It's the same concept as that but the problem I had was that the bell kept falling out. Wonder if that design would be different
  10. sack jears

    Stethoscope - The Mega Thread

    I have one but if you sit down in weird angles it pops out of the holster. Good idea but not that practical
  11. sack jears

    A lacerated artery

    Being bls I'd definitely start with tourniquet proximal to the wound, assist ventilations with o2 and wrap him in a blanket and crank the heater in the rig. About all I can do.
  12. sack jears

    "Best" things heard in dispatch

    Just something I heard over a radio scanner *dispatch*- medic (blank) where are you staged? *medic*- truck's parked under pedestrian bridge by the river *medic*- (in Chris Farley voice) IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER
  13. sack jears

    When do you guys wear masks

    I have an isreali citizen gas mask I've been wanting to utilize
  14. sack jears

    Bls in austin tx

    Awesome man thanks. I'm gonna get my *** through the first few weeks of medic school before I start looking though. Don't want to get in over my head risking my education
  15. sack jears

    OPA Quick Trick - FOAMed video

    *whispers seductively into mic* "Which are baby sizes"
  16. sack jears

    Bls in austin tx

  17. sack jears

    Bls in austin tx

    Any idea where I could do some work part time during my schooling? I have no ther intention other than being the best paramedic I can possibly be
  18. sack jears

    Bls in austin tx

    I pondered the thought of joining ATC to get some experience as an emt before continuing through their paramedic program but it sounds like I can get a way better education going to an accredited paramedic program like I'm doing in October. Only concern I have is that is it a wise choice to go...
  19. sack jears

    Great EMS Songs

    jesus built my hot rod by ministry
  20. sack jears

    Most fun you've ever had while on shift

    share your experiences. Funny stories encouraged