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    EMT sued for ambulance crash

    This actually happened in my county. The ambulance was operating under normal conditions and thought the car with the "victim" was coming to a stop and proceeded thru the light. the car actually struck the ambulance. Newspapers never report everything or 100% truth, we all know this.
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    Crics in the field

    Doing a cric isnt going to make the chest rise and fall if a combitube isnt doing it either. Did you try to confirm tube placement in a different way? Did you have gastric sounds? distention?
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    18 year old female...

    You can give it, but what are the chances its going to reach the heart before its half life "expires"? 2-3 seconds isnt long enough if you're using the tib.
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    tablet pc call sheets

    My department recently put the toughbooks into service using the zoll program rescuenet. its pretty handy, helps those who can't spell for crap. Its a little frustrating at first until you have it "customized" to your squad. We had to add a lot of things here and there, but its pretty fuctional...
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    18 year old female...

    Why would you I.O? You can't give adenosine thru it, why bother?
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    Negative on sepsis, and as for the ice paks, the hospital PACKED her in ice on arrival.
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    Dispatched to the local skilled nursing facility for a fever. *sigh* U/A: 32 year old female, hx Huntingtons disease, pt's usually alert but aphasic, started with a fever previous night, MD called, urine cultured, no result yet, pt flailing around more than usual, almost combative like, med...
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    Would You Have Called It?

    The answer is going to differ from place to place, but if he was still warm, we have to work 'em regardless of rhythm. Not likely its going to be a save, but it's our protocol (for now anyways). We wouldnt be on scene 20 min with asystole to determine DOA either.
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    Arrest Protocols

    We have to call med control for use.
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    "Protocols" What do yours allow ?

    Online Med control: sodium bicarb, SubQ epi, pediatric morphine dose, valium, lidocaine Offline protocols: asa, ntg, glucagon, d50, 1:10,000 epi, atropine, amiodarone, dopamine, albuterol, adult morphine, IV fluids, combitube, intubation, IO peds and adults, glucometer, "clearing" cspine, defib...
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    IV Question

    Like everyone else, im not sure why they would let Joe Blow start IVs on his wife. There are things like outpatient clinics and home care nurses for these reasons. Not sure the port would work with all MS medications. I just can't imagine being stuck Q3-4 days for new access though.
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    Who's on duty for "BOO!" night?

    Im at the hospital 15-2300. Should be interesting follow up to Saturday night when we had a 21 y/o drunk come in with a sprained ankle. Swung at 2 nurses, spit in anothers face, ended up leaving at 0800 with the cops. Hopefully the nurses request to press charges will go thru.
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    Transporting Infants...

    we have pedi-mates in all 3 squads but our newest has the childseat in the airway seat.
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    Why are MAST/PASG Bad?

    They arent neccessarly bad. I've used them once and they were actually very helpful. You just have to be 100% in your assesment if you're considering them. Some reasons they might be "bad" are once you inflate them, generally you dont deflate them in the field (risk of PE) you have to know all...
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    Besides the ambulance/fd, where else can you work as an EMT?

    I did the Six Flags thing in IL. It was a fun job, but you didnt see much in terms of skills, basically bandaid administration. I'd look into security, ER tech's (although most want IV experience), hospital security, stadiums (baseball/football) they might staff a first aid room,
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    Anyone Know....?

    Anyone know if Georgia is A) A NREMT state, B) If they are, does the I-99 Level exist there? Any info is greatly appreciated. I cant handle this white precipitation that falls from the sky here in Wisconsin <_<
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    Confined Space Rescue

    wow i didnt know I was here to be criticized. Thanks guys, now I know where NOT to bring my 'difficult calls' to be discussed.
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    Confined Space Rescue

    His partner witnessed him fall and called 911 immediately. The first EMT was on scene with the team enroute within 2 min. He was out of the "hole" within 15 min of his fall, the helicopter was there within 25 min of his fall. He definitely would've made the golden hour had he had a chance
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    Confined Space Rescue

    Male fall apprx 35 ft in a pump house pit. It's a building, but goes 35 ft underground. Dept. of Public Works confined space team immediately dispatched. Upon arrival 4 emt's race down the 4-5 flights of stairs under the 'ok' of the DPW supervisor. You find a 40 somethings male, left lateral...
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    cardic arrest drugs

    As NREMT I-99: Epi- v fib, v tach, asystole, pea Atropine-asystole Amiodarone- v tach, v fib, tach with pulse Lidocaine- PVCs, v tach, v fib Sodium Bicarb- prolonged PNB "last resort PNB"