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  1. KevinEMT

    Cardiac arrest for a hypothermic patient

    Regarding test questions if I had a patient in cardiac arrest in the snow I would probably bring them into a warm environment ie the ambulance then perform CPR instead of doing CPR in a cold environment? They ain't dead til they're warm.
  2. KevinEMT

    Beta 2 agonist side effects. Increase blood pressure?

    A beta 2 agonist relaxes muscles (bronchodilates) and a side effect is tachycardia because it mimics the sympathetic nervous system. We had a test question that asked if a beta 2 agonist would cause? a. increase heart rate b. increase heart rate and an increase inblood pressure c. decrease heart...
  3. KevinEMT

    BVM for a COPD patient in cardiac arrest

    The struggle has been real. I got my EMT 2 years ago and I'm now in a fire academy that is also an EMT course. Everything has changed regarding o2 to being for patients with SpO2 94% and below only... kind of. But anyway we took a test today that asked about bagging a cardiac arrest patient who...
  4. KevinEMT

    EMS in the Chico CA area

    Did you ever make the move? I just moved up to Chico and am trying to get a job as an EMT out here
  5. KevinEMT

    License to practice in all states?

    I work as an EMT in the bay area and also on an on call fire crew with the forest service. My chief told me I need to get a country wide license because we could get sent to a fire in any state. I'm pretty sure that you have to get a license per state right? Unless there is just a federal license?
  6. KevinEMT

    EMT jobs when you're under 21

    I'm 19, EMT certified, and I really want to start moving forward, but every ambulance company I check out in my area says you need to be 21 or older. Is that a drivers insurance reason? It sucks. Is there anyway I could just call permanent shotgun until I'm 21?
  7. KevinEMT

    Passed the NREMT but what's next?

    Hey guys. I am EMT certified and I recently got fingerprinted and sent in my live scan request, but not sure what's next? When can I take the ambulance drivers test? Also how do I obtain a California EMT license not just the NREMT certification? Thanks,