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    New Lifepak 35

    35? Gawd I'm old.....🧐 ...used the 1 and 2.....but I'm still kicking 'a' in the CT/V OR so watch the 'boomer' cracks.... there were variants in the 60's...
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    Nebulized Saline for Stridor the HR doesn't wind up so much.
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    Nebulized Saline for Stridor

    just sounds like cool mist treatment for croup, the goal being reduction of swelling. Only reason to do that in the PH setting, to my mind, is if racemic epi would not be available, and then just cold air would be just as effective (or not).
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    ETCO2 correlates directly with cardiac output. We use blood pressure as a surrogate for cardiac output, so you can say ETCO2 correlates directly with blood pressure. The less blood going through the lungs, the less CO2 is expired via the mouth and nose. Doesn't matter what the reason for that...
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    Well, if there would be a difference in where you would decide to bring the patient, like a trauma center v. IR neuro intervention v. cath lab/cardiac intervention center, it'd be important. If all of those things are accessible at the same place, you're correct...don't waste a lot of time...
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    Did you let them know? That's the kind of thing they'd really want to be aware of. Prolly be really appreciative....
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    LP15 SpO2

    Guess you're back to looking at earlobes...
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    When a person is ejected through a windshield....

    this thread ought to be entered for the oddest/creepiest category....
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    Anyone ever heard of United Ambulance in the Bay Area?

    There was a United Ambulance in Marin county, prolly late 60's through the 1990's, maybe early 2000's. Subsidiary of SF ambulance and sister service of Acme-Western in Alameda County. I think they morphed into St. Joseph's Ambulance and then just disappeared when the patriarch of the whole...
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    Paramedics Found Guilty in Last Trial in Elijah McClain Death

    8 % (your data) of the total state and federal prison population constitutes a 'system' designed to generate revenue and capitalize off of cheap labor, which in turn provides incentive to keep them full by way of a revolving door mechanism rife with frivolous arrests, prosecutions and...
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    Paramedics Found Guilty in Last Trial in Elijah McClain Death

    So you're saying that the 'prison system' (which one exactly?) makes meaningfully more than $43000/year off of an inmate pressing license plates or maintaining irrigation ditches? Sounds like the script came in the morning mail...
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    Paramedics Found Guilty in Last Trial in Elijah McClain Death

    Yeah but judges should know better. The Vanderbilt nurse was convicted of 2 felonies and was looking at 8 years. The judge saw the consequences of sending her to prison and didn't do it. But it isn't surprising to me which states these type decisions are handed down in.
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    HEMS providers working in ED/Hospital

    The day someone just pitches in out of the goodness of their heart is the day pitching in becomes the expectation. Don't do it. The stink eye stares and sh***y comments about being lazy, selfish elitists will come whether you pitch in or not and are a small price to pay for completely ignorant...
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    HEMS providers working in ED/Hospital

    You can take blood pressures on the med-surg're not doing anything anyway....
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    Can't find anywhere else to ask this..

    Sorry for your loss, it sounds like it was very difficult and from what your telling us, it must have been a horrifying experience for his spouse to witness and the memory of it will stay with her for the rest of her life. Some compassion for what she went through is in order. As what sounds...
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    Accepted to RN bridge!

    You put your finger on an important point that RN's moving into advanced practice have to de-habituate themselves from and that is the idea that you can spout any BS idea you want in a paper as long as you document that someone else has published it before. This has the potential to lead to a...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Standard prison issue around here as well....
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    Why can't Paramedics act off duty?

    A single time for me in 40 years. Mule deer 4 pt in felt strolled in front of a motorcycle. crepitus up to her ear lobes...but between the CNA with a portable pulse ox monitor and the dialysis RN and everyone else who had first aid training in high school yelling out orders, I couldn't get near...