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    EMT Job Fair - Now Hiring LA and OC

    Having just completed a year for Lifeline Ambulance, here goes: it is a place to start and get some EMT experience. That is about it. I would highly recommend people to apply to better places such as Care and McCormick, as the management has simply got to be better almost anywhere than Lifeline...
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    NREMT recert requirements California

    OK, potentially stupid question here... I've just passed my skills recert and turned in all the paperwork for my new EMT B license (exp date 3/31/12). In California, do I have to be employed in order to renew my NREMT (exp date also 3/31/12)? I have at least 33 CE credits, also. Thanks!
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    upcoming interview with AMR

    After passing their written test, I'm scheduled for an interview with American Medical Response out of Rancho Cucamonga, this week. Anyone know if they have further application levels like skills tests, after the interview process? I've been job hunting a year and a half now, and am really...
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    Recertification refresher course

    Here's hoping this question isn't obscenely ignorant! Am still job hunting here in southern Cal after a year and a half, and my license expires at the end of March 2012. Do I have to be employed to be able to take a recert refresher course? CE credits I have more than enough of, it was this...
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    jobless EMT

    jobless EMT also I've been certified/licensed over a year too; my dox expire the end of March 2012. I'm in southern California, too; and I agree the job market has been terrible. I'm a 48yr old mom of 2, and am really wanting to enter the EMS field. But all the ambulance companies want...
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    PRN withdrew their offer of employment to me after I flunked their back xray.

    PRN offer I went to my doctor who examined me and found my back sound. I've never had any back pain/problems/symptoms, so I was really stunned by PRN's findings. I gave him a copy of the medical report and am having a copy of the x ray faxed to him. He feels the company's decision based on that...
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    PRN withdrew their offer of employment to me after I flunked their back xray.

    I had been hired recently by PRN Ambulance, an IFT company in Glendale, CA. A month later, still waiting to hear when orientation/training would begin, I received notice they could no longer hire me because of degenerative back problems that showed up in my back xray. ("diffused discogenic...
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    Just hired!

    After 6 months of applications, 3 interviews and lots of document chasing, I've been hired by PRN, an IFT ambulance company out of Glendale, CA. This will be my very first EMS job and I'm excited and nervous. Any advice for this older (47) newbie?
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    CA DMV delaying my ambulance license

    Hi there. I'm a 47 year old mom/wife who graduated in May of this year from Baldy View ROP EMT program, in Ontario, CA. Ever since, I've been filling out forms, getting live scans, paying app fees, and collecting documents! I'm licensed for Inland Counties, have my LA County expanded scope of...
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    so cal emt training courses

    EMT training course I just graduated from the EMT program through Baldy View ROP Training Center in Ontario, CA. It was a great experience: the program director, Chuck Fedak, is so helpful and great at teaching. Plus we had other instructors from the nursing/firefighter/paramedic backgrounds...
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    11th Edition Emergency care

    11th edition Emergency Care/workbk text I just graduated EMT class with this text as well; found it really good and helpful. You might try the website for more quiz/test/scenario practices..
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    Post the # your test stopped at, and if you Passed/Failed

    NREMT where test stopped; p/fail? I took the exam just this last week. It stopped after 70 questions and I left, feeling unsure of how I did. I was prepared for it to take the entire two hours. I passed; in fact most of our 30 graduates have passed the first time so far. (Baldy View ROP EMT...
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    Brady Books

    Brady's 11th edition Emergency Care by Daniel Limmer and Michael O'Keeffe is an excellent text; that's what we used at Baldy View ROP Training Center's EMT program, Ontario, CA. Fantabulous program, by the way...
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    so cal emt training courses

    EMT Training course I really really recommend the EMT program at Baldy View ROP Training Center in Ontario, California. I just graduated from this program last week and I really enjoyed the challenge of the whole experience. Chuck Fedak is the program director and one of the classroom...
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    EMT-B Study Guide

    Looking for New EMT text The text we used for my course was Brady, 11th edition Emergency Care by Daniel Limmer and Michael O'Keefe. It was very good, thorough, yet readable. I also cannot recommend highly enough the FANTASTIC EMT training I received at the Baldy View ROP Training Center in...
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    The Official EMTLIFE Introduction Thread

    Welcome intro I'm galadriel (couldn't think of any other id, oh well), 46, and mom of two. Currently (and for the past 8 years), they are my job..I am really looking forward to getting into the EMT-B program at Baldy View ROP in Ontario California for the spring of 2010. I am hungry to learn...