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    Domain Names for sale

    I have a few EMS-related domains for sale that might be of interest to anyone wanting to start a blog, or a business. They are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Find...
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    unidentified blue powder

    We recently did a cardiac arrest call in which the patient had ingested a cobalt-blue powder, dissolved in water. We have no clue what the substance was, and it left me wondering if there is anyone here who has seen this before and may have an idea on what it could have been?
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    This week´s memorable call

    Maybe not your first call of the day, but certainly this one particular call that´s worth sharing with us. Maybe because it was a though one, or maybe beause there was a suprising turn of events. Or maybe it is the nature of the call that triggered a WTF moment. Maybe there is another reason why...
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    first call of the day is...

    My week´s selection: the gentleman with a hip dislocation, a routine transfer patient that arrested unexpectedly, the guy with cramps in his toe and the guy who claims to have choked on a sip of water!
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    first call of the day is...

    Sepsis due to a badly infected ileostomy.
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    first call of the day is...

    Not my ´first´ call of the day, but two cases worth the share: 1. Guy with an umbrella stuck in his nose. 2. 110kg male covered head to toe with tattoos, stuck in the bathtub and unable to get out by himself.
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    ACE Inhibitor Induced Angioedema

    I have seen a few cases. I can remember three cases of Quincke´s edema of the lips and tongue, related to the use of ACE-inhibitors, and one that involved swelling of the penis, without a clear reason. A collegue of mine described a case last year, in which her patient had isolated but...
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    Bad preceptors/interns?

    I´ve seen preceptors that weren´t ready yet to do the job and end up compensating a lack of knowledge and experience with an attitude towards their interns. If you want to create a safe learning environment, you´ve got to be comfortable in your provider role first, and know how to be a guide...
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    Courtesy IVs

    We wouldn´t start IV´s for blood drawing, but we won´t wasit either untill we actually need one. If there is a reasonable chance that the stable patient, who does not need anything now, may require IV drug treatment or symptom relief enroute like antiemetics or analgesia or fluids, we´ll start...
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    Medellin FD collectors items

    YEs Benno, still got the stuff for sale. Let me see if I can find the pics somewhere on my computer.
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    Fall from height

    Yes, I agree that patients don't present themselves as textbook cases, but at the other hand, you can't learn from your experiences with an 'anything is possible' approach. So you fall back on pathophysiological mechanisms and the experience of your peers, even if you have been on the bus a...
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    Fall from height

    I am not sure if they echoed the heart, but they ussually work it up systematically. But wouldn't a tamponade go bradycardic before arresting? This guy stayed around 130bpm through his PEA. Also, if there was a high spinal cord disruption would he still be able to generate a tachycardia with his...
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    Fall from height

    An emergency call comes in from a group of clubbing teens at 5 a.m. for an unresponsive male who is lying in prone position in a pool of blood at a metro station. Upon our arrival (ALS unit) we find a patient in his thirties, cyanotic with labored breathing, gurgling and snoring breathing sounds...
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    Right sided weakness - not a stroke?

    Emtkev22, first of all I think you had legitimate reasons not to rule out a stroke, being a BLS-crew: you had a compromising history of TIA and DM2 in combination with what you believed at that moment to be a facial droop and a hemiparesis. Based on the rest of your story though, if I came in as...
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    Germany and Netherland EMS system

    I replied the other day in a part of the forum called ´´Profile Post Comment´´. I sent you a PM just now.
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    EMS in Canada?

    thanks cprted!
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    What is your most ridiculous call?

    Code 3, together with fire and PD to a canal for ´´a body found in the water, probably beyond resuscitation´´. There is hardly enough space for all the emergency vehicles stopping in the street as we arrive on scene. As we step out the fire captain points us to something floating lifeless under...
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    first call of the day is...

    Code 3 for the male patient who has been attacked by a rattlesnake. We find this naked guy who is frantically searching his living room. He states that he was watching TV on the couch when he felt a snake slip into his pants and bite him in the crouch. We find no bite marks, and no snake...
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    EMS in Canada?

    Can anyone tell what is meant in Canadian job postings with ...´´graduated from a CMA approved program´´? does it mean that the Canadian Medical Association has a list somewhere with paramedic schools that are pre-approved? If yes, does this requirement exclude applications from a foreign...
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    Hi Carl, I work for the public health authority EMS of The Hague, the third largest city by...

    Hi Carl, I work for the public health authority EMS of The Hague, the third largest city by population, but the second busiest ambulance service of the country, after Amsterdam. Email me freely at !