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  1. Pudge40

    Dumbest Medical things on TV/Commercials

    I heard a radio commercial for I forget the name of it. It was for shift work disorder. Apparently if you are tired at work you may have this "disorder."
  2. Pudge40

    How Many Forum Members Does It Take?

    The proper term according to the NEC is "Luminare".
  3. Pudge40

    So, when you pull up on an overturned tour bus...what's your first move?

    The most important part would be scene command. Even if you don't want to keep it you must establish it early in the incident. The IC should not be doing anything other than commanding.
  4. Pudge40

    Smoker or Non?

    I occasionally smoke a cigar.
  5. Pudge40

    What a bunch of crap!!

    Umm I run with a volly company I am an EMT. PA has a Quick Response Program for fire companies. This means that if dispatched for a QRS or Medical Assist your truck will NOT leave with out at least one EMT. Don't use blanket statements please.
  6. Pudge40

    King LT not approved by FDA for Prehospital marketing.

    A paramedic that I run with is in charge of a paramedic program at the local hospital. He has told me that he thinks that the S.A.L.T will be the wave of the future.
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    Monster Medic Stretchers The Good, Bad, And Ugly

    Troll post? Hard for me to tell.
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    Dumbest thing heard on the radio

    Heard a dispatch a little bit ago. Company XXX XYZ Hospital Building J Seizures. WTF they are at the hospital already. and this one happened to my executive director during a snow storm. Unit: Berks, medic XXXX can I get directions to the address? Dispatcher: Medic XXXX take the...
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    Hitler gets a late transport

    A paramedic buddy of mine posted this on Facebook. I thought it was funny as all He!!. After getting over the Hitler thing.
  10. Pudge40

    How old were you?

    I was 16 when I started running with my current agency. I was 17 when I got my EMT cert. In fact in 4 months it will be one year since I had it. And I am still learning. I should also review material I have forgotten.
  11. Pudge40

    Monster Medic Stretchers The Good, Bad, And Ugly

    I really like stryker, although that is the only kind i have ever used.
  12. Pudge40

    Ever had one of those days?

    I have never had a code in the year and a half that I was running in fire/ems. And I have only been to two fatal accidents. Neither of which was with ems.
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    Put a Face to the Annoying Posts... LOL

    I think I posted one in one of the threads to post pics of yourself.
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    Completely uninterupted CPR

    Two people that are emplyed at the service I volunteer at attended a conference on this. It also included about cooling the patient down to like 35 degrees thus putting them into hypothermia and slowing all the bodily functions down and needing less oxygen. The hospital will then slowly warm...
  15. Pudge40

    Things left behind.....

    I left something behind today. On the back bumper to be exact. It fell off on the way to another call after just leaving the hospital. It was the paperwork clipboard. A lady stopped and picked it up and took it to a neighboring station who returned it to us. Unfourtunatley the clip board was DOA.
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    Thank you. Nice avatar.

    Thank you. Nice avatar.
  17. Pudge40

    Anyone from PA (Lehigh Valley Area)

    Yea I know how to hook up a 4 lead, spike and prepare an IV, and other ALS skills but if I can take a formal class to receive CONED for it I will.
  18. Pudge40

    ems pratical jokes

    Heer Heer!!! :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r::ph34r:
  19. Pudge40

    Anyone from PA (Lehigh Valley Area)

    You might be able to get information by calling the EMS Council. If it is registered for CONED they will know about it.
  20. Pudge40

    New Season of House Is Coming!!!!

    Now THAT is the million dollar question. :rolleyes::unsure::P:ph34r: