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    work comp vacation thanks to stupid rookie

    I like the Reeves... I prefer to taco my patients (wrap them up in the Reeves like a taco). ;)
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    My son's "funny" dance

    He's a cutie pie. I started laughing when I saw the gun though - if his moves won't kill ya, the lasers will. ;)
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    I cardioverted a woman your age, with two small children, in a cardiac care unit at a local hospital during one of my rotations. I can tell you what happened then - it is similar to what we do on the ambulance but it is usually a bit calmer (since it needs to be done, but is less of an...
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    work comp vacation thanks to stupid rookie

    Stair chairs are EVIL. That's why I have a broken back. :(
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    Witness an Emergency: Do you stop?

    If there is no one on scene, I stop. If it's in one of the districts I volly in, or I recognize the responders, I will pull over and ask if they would like help. As long as you work within your scope and as any rational person would, you are covered in my state. Besides, your general rule...
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    AHA 2005 - I'm Lost

    My first thought in the update class was "wow, this is really insulting to BLS providers"... they aren't supposed to check for a pulse? I can't wait to hear the docs or nurses say something like "why are you doing cpr, moron, the patient has a pulse!"....
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    AHA 2005 - I'm Lost

    In my crazy county, once you get in the ambulance, no more shocky-shocky, even if it's advised. They'd rather you get to definitive care than pull over to shock. I hope the updated ACLS guidelines aren't as retarded, but since it comes from the same people, you know it's going to be.
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    Hey Chimpie.......

    Hey, Happy Birthday!
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    valsalva maneuver in SVT

    I agree 100%. Least invasive methods first - if they are a candidate for drugs then they are stable enough to try the valsalva first.
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    Legal / Ethical Question....

    Everytime you get toned out for a call, it should be logged. If an ambulance, rescue truck, fire truck, chief's truck, whatever... rolls off the pad, there should be a run sheet. You should also request that the ambulance fax a copy of the completed pre-hospital care report (or whatever you...
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    Lights off for fire

    Two things: Lights off means the room is empty. Lights that are on (as well as radios, etc) can cause a spark that will ignite gasses, etc. If you've ever ventilated a house during an LP gas leak, everything gets turned off and stays off, including radios on crew members, etc.
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    So, I hit a dog yesterday.

    I was behind a car that swerved to avoid a squirrel - and ended up grinding the poor thing between the ground and the car's turning wheel... since it wasn't my car it wasn't so bad until squirrel parts flew out from under the wheel and onto my windshield and hood. Ewwww, bloody furry squirrel...
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    Question about priority

    Maybe they were also short staffed for some reason, or it was close to one of their shift changes, or a whole host of other things...
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    Question about priority

    Some other thoughts - a half hour wait is great! I waited more than a half hour inside the back of the ER as a 27 year old female who suddenly was unable to walk, tender abdomen, tears flowing (subconsciously) due to pain, and a MOS that the ER staff knows very well. (turns out not only had...
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    Question about priority

    Did the triage nurse sign for your grandmother? If so, nothing wrong has occurred. He/She agreed to take over responsibility from the ambulance, and it is common practice in most hospitals to put non-emergent patients (per the EMS crew and triage nurse's opinion) in the waiting room under the...
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    Frest out

    Hey - welcome!
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    Hospitals, MDs Addressing Long Wait Times

    The hospitals we transport to take chest pain and difficulty breathing VERY seriously. It's a shame not every hospital does, apparently.
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    UK EMS Crews Busy with Squeamish 'Saw III' Viewers

    Me too. I'm ok on the ambulance when I have the adrenaline pumping... but watching gory things (even some scenes in ER can bother me) just isn't my thing. I think the reason it affects me so much is watching gratuitous violence, pain, injury, etc. reminds me that this stuff has happened or is...
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    Sometimes I see minor feather preening when firefighters and EMS are together, but as far as I see we (EMS) have a great relationship with the cops here, and fire seems to have a good relationship with them as well.
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    Very Quick Update....

    LOL Princess, you crack me up!