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    New Ferno IN/X Cot

    The Stryker cots go for near $14k. It's another $20k for the power load. Maybe less if you're buying in bulk? Though we've gotten away from the power stretchers in my service because people don't like the weight (and the cost is prohibitive for us). The unpowered Mx-Pros seem to be well liked.
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    Tablets in the field

    You might also look at sync pad for EMS charts. It basically looks like a paper run sheet on your iPad and then can upload to EMS charts when you get back to the station. Signatures can be captured and the entire thing is uploaded as a PDF attachment to the epcr after the information is...
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    Advance Care Paramedic discussion in my dept

    Indeed. Out of curiosity, was the paramedic authorized to reduce the dislocation? Though I guess that might have been complicated by the other fractures in this particular case. I'm assuming this was your garden-variety anterior frank dislocation of the shoulder? I understand (though I'm...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    1000 posts. Yay!
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    Darn Thieving Drug Addict Fire Fighters

    It's still a double standard. Addiction is something most professional boards know comes from a variety of factors. Often, in high-stress professions, that's at least used as an explanation, if not an excuse. But, stealing from your employer, especially stealing narcotics, is something...
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    Best EMS Knife

    Ahh, but remember, never go anywhere without a knife.
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    Southside Virginia Emergency Crew EMT stops police chase with ambulance - EMT Charged

    A box ambulance, by itself, without the equipment inside, costs somewhere in the $150K range. If you add up everything inside, especially for an ALS rig, you'd be rapidly approaching $200K.
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    any info on new NJ EMT-B standards?

    We're switching over to the National Scope of Practice model. The new scope - which I'm sure will have a typical New Jersey flavor - has not yet been released. I suspect they wee waiting for the EMS Reform Act (S818/A2095) to pass before they finalized things, but that's now been vetoed.
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    Or all four, because quite honestly, the first ambulance on scene at a MCI isn't realistically transporting anybody anytime soon. That's what the other units responding will do. Your example of the 86 y/o with severe bleeding does point out neatly where the START system breaks down. Even...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    James Earl Jones must've been short on rent money that month or something. Gotta love the Ghostbusters ambulance, though. Anecdotal evidence from those who were there back in the day - those things could really fly.
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    Not Guilty of inappropriately touching patient

    For the most part, a finding of not guilty is the best you're going to get. The only question the criminal court answers is whether the prosecution met their burden of proof to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was guilty of the charged crime. What you posted is in the...
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    any info on new NJ EMT-B standards?

    As far as I know, actually, the new curriculum is in statewide effect now for all programs. The last programs under the old curriculum ended in December. NJOEMS is rolling out a new certification platform next month. They're not posting any new course updates on the old site...
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    Jefferson Hospital EMS Training

    I briefly looked at their Paramedic program. It costs a mint. $10K or something, which is nearly twice as much as other programs in the general area. They're a big-time hospital system, but that doesn't guarantee top-notch instruction necessarily. I can't understand why they cost so much...
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    How do you get the patients into the ambulance?

    If you're taking the cot out of the ambulance, it's faster to pull the manual release and have your partner step on the bottom rail when it's almost all the way down, rather than to press the + button the whole way. Even if that's not what he's talking about, it's helpful. :)
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    How do you get the patients into the ambulance?

    Getting the patient into the ambulance is the easy part. Getting the patient onto the stretcher, and getting the stretcher from the house to the ambulance is often the more complicated bit.
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    Southside Virginia Emergency Crew EMT stops police chase with ambulance - EMT Charged

    That wasn't really my lawyerly opinion. That opinion would be something along the lines of, "Are you out of your mind?! Do you know how much liability you just subjected yourself and the company/squad to?!"
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    othere ways of getting first responder

    Moreover, New Jersey does not have a First Responder certification level at the moment for you to take. Wait a little while. Get more mature. Then go back and take the EMT course a second time. You won't be the first or last person to repeat the course. Of course, it will be longer now...
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    Toughbooks at a decent price

    If you plan on converting to paperless, and doing all your PCRs electronically, then you have to take them out of the ambulance. Since not every patient will be transported.
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    LA County changes worth watching in 2012

    That wouldn't make any sense, other than to make CAAS a lot of money. I think there are more ambulance agencies in LA than there are CAAS accredited agencies total. Then again, California EMS has never struck me as the most sensible thing.
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    For the love of God...

    Professional education isn't so much about knowing everything there is to know about your subject. No one person could possibly know everything there is to know about medicine, law, etc. It's more about laying a firm foundation that will: A) tip you off that there's something else you should...