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    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    CANMAN, The 240lbs is for everyone, including the pilots.
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    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    Weight is service dependent. A lot of factors go into what they allow their crew to weigh. We operate an EC145 and our weight requirement is 240lbs. Very few of our crew members are close to weighing that, but that is where is it set. After talking with others it seems our weight requirement is...
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    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    I am going to echo everything CANMAN said. My wage is a little less then I made on the streets. I make more per hour but work less hours. There are not the opportunities to work work overtime like on the streets. As CANMAN said, flight services know they can pay less and still find applicants...
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    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    The process of getting hired where I work is very intense. Please remember this is where I work and it may differ elsewhere. It should give you an idea tho. The first step, after applying, is to take a multiple choice test. The questions range from BLS to Critical Care. They give the same test...
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    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    The pilot will make the final decision. HEMS is getting more strict on landing zones due to safety. The accreditation programs and FAA are also creating stricter rules focusing on safety. A lot of the small-town helipads around here have been shut down recently due to them not meeting new(er)...
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    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    Like Chewy20 said, the best thing to do is contact your local service(s). Ride along policies differ greatly from service to service.
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    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    I worked rural prior to urban. I feel it did help me. Most of our air transports are short but many are long. Working rural gives you the experience and knowledge of caring for patients for an extended period of time. There are several courses online and books out there. I have not personally...
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    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    Do you see any trends in HEMS? Right now I see a large increase in services entering the field. It makes it more competitive. There is good and bad that can be seen from this. The good, it makes services want to expand the skills and services they offer. The bad, it has potential of affecting...
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    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    What steps does it take to become a flight medic? Are there any specific experience and/or training that employers request? My service required multiple things. Here are a couple of the big ones: - Receiving your paramedic training through an Accredited Paramedic Training Program and having...
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    PASSED NREMT with 120 questions!!

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    Backboards are gone!

    I believe they are going away where I live too. I'm sure it is currently service/ medical director dependent. I recently heard NREMT is going to be taking it out too. Anyone else hear the same?
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    Second Time taking the NREMT

    Make sure to not retake the test until you feel ready. You say that you are still not feeling as confident. It will make it difficult to pass if you go in with that mindset. Study the section(s) that you did not pass but at the same time do not forget to refresh on the ones you passed. As for...
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    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    Ah, it would be nice if there was something magical about it... but it would also make all of our jobs boring. What fun would it be if you didn't have to use your knowledge and what fun would it be if there was nothing new to learn? The main reason we have the flight suits it because they are...
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    Education prior to training

    Like others have said, Anatomy and Physiology would be a great thing to take. It's the backbone of anything/everything medical. Everything you do and learn will make a lot more sense. It will make the profession a lot more fun and interesting.
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    Flight Paramedic, Ask Me Anything

    Figured I would start a thread in case anyone has questions about being a flight paramedic. Ask me anything you want. I will do my best to answer all questions. (If you are a flight paramedic and want to add your input to anything, please do so.)
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    Does your department have a web site?

    Sanford AirMed -
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    I think the show is okay. Not great, not bad... watchable. Recommend you give it a try. :)
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    First Trauma Code

    If I would come up to that today, would I work it? No If I would have come up to that 3 years ago, would have I worked it? Probably When I first started working as a paramedic I was in the mindset that I could save everyone and everything. I soon realized that this is not so. I have worked a...
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    what Knife do you carry on duty?

    I carry a Leatherman. The most used item on it? The screwdriver.