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  1. Scout

    the 100% directionless thread

    Did we ever sort out what Steth / Books / bag I should have bought?
  2. Scout

    HAZMAT Scenerio

    It becomes an issue when the leak reduces the available amount of o2. Apparently your body does't register the high levels.
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    HAZMAT Scenerio

    How does a normal crew find this "colorless odorless gas"?? I never got that... We had one recently with an industrial Hazmat, Nitrogen gas leak.. That was quite interesting.
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    Immature EMTs

    Hey, I pride myself on being immature. Life is not fun if you cant act like a child. I am also on occasion professional.
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    A Airway B Breathing/Major chest problems C Circ/ Major hemorrhage D Disability, AVPU/GCS Etc, Eyes E Expose and Examine ( looking for life threatening injuries.) F ****ing G Glucose
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    Dangerous Driver- Advice Needed

    Just reading between the lines, I might wait and see if its a once off he might have some personal stuff going on. I cant see someone with that attitude lasting in EMS. If it happens again definitely report it.
  7. Scout

    O2 Wrench

    Cylinder keys? Built in regulators, 460L capacity, almost 1/2 the weight
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    Best unit for monitoring and telemetry

    ^^ This, IF everyone here says a X is the best and you go buy it. Your going to get an amount of trouble if everyone in your service likes Y
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    Kit expirations, real knowledge only please.

    I do not know that type of brand, but the old Alco wipes it was the glued seal that failed. Light sticks, I'm going to say they might but I have opened them 5yr after exp data and they seemed as good as new. Chem packs, the ingredients cannot exp, but the plastic bag holding the water may...
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    ecg question

    LAds, Some of ye need to calm down. EMT_IRL was asking a question. ECG is a fairly new skill here for the EMT. Why not practice it? Did it do any harm? -No Did it cost anything extra?-No, Well a €1 worth of dots, a cost not passed to the pt. Did the patient mind?-No Could it have yielded a...
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    Beer as a resuscitation fluid
  12. Scout

    To check a blood sugar, or not check?

    Interesting, Thanks Must have a read up when I have time
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    To check a blood sugar, or not check?

    Why Hispanic?
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    ems in ireland

    Yes, but you *almost need to have been part of the national ambulance service to get the paramedic qualification. The required 1 year probationary period is the stumbler
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    To check a blood sugar, or not check?

    At this point I have decided I want a full set of vitals. Pulse Resp BP SP02 BGL ECG TEMP etc After you take them you can decide you did't really need them. Now that you know they are ok/off the wall, but you will not know unless you have the information
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    This is an absolute disgrace

    The article isn't exactly impartial. Looks like they are out for a story with limited investigative work being done.
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    Bystander infection risk denied by ambulance service

    Hands only FTW adds put on on TV a while back here hH8nhBw2kGg
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    Toughest place to be a...Paramedic

    rest assured, no one though that :P
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    What do you do when you screw up?

    OWN up, If its a mistake learn from it and better your career. Talk to someone above you and ask to talk thought what happened. If you hide it, then you will wreck your career.
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    Any chance you could be pregnant?

    Failing on your part to be honest. Dumb it down to the most common denominator. Its no different to be saying I think you may be suffering from a Myocardial infarction vs just simply saying you might be suffering a heart attack. KISS