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    I failed again for the 3rd time NREMT-P, please help!!

    Just like the top of class Paramedic that passed NR at 80 first try who cardioverted on the T wave not the R wave killing his patient. True story. So there’s that….
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    How do you pass the freaking test!!!

    Not true. I know some of the very BEST Paramedics that are horrible nervous second guessing test takers. Your comment is judgmental, inaccurate and rude.
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    NREMT Paramedic 5th attempt, need help!

    Did you pass? I’m on my 5th attempt. It’s not that I don’t know the material, I’m just not the best test taker 🤷‍♀️
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    NREMT Paramedic 5th attempt, need help!

    Oh I need to pick your brain on the exam. I’m facing the exact challenges you are speaking of. I’m now on my 5th attempt and I went from near passing, to below this last exam. I’m confused. I can’t pinpoint where to study. I can’t pinpoint this test. It confuses me (I’m already not the worlds...