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    the 100% directionless thread

    I cannot wait tell our truckies about this, would have been a hell of an April fools joke to print up a fake policy.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Rookie numbers, come back to SoCal for a summer. Better Hawaii than Mecca
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    EVOC needed

    Those all list agency affiliation or approved academy enrollment as a pre or co-requisite for the class. So OP, perhaps if the agency you're looking at will let you use a vehicle as per SRJC's policy or at least hire you pending completion of one of these, that might be your only option
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    Westport EMS sees influx in calls, decrease in volunteers

    The problem isn’t training the teenagers to do the job or even allowing them to ride along or run calls. It’s using them or really any volunteers to provide a service that should be considered as essential as PD or FD. Why pay when someone’s willing to do it for free? As long as that’s an option...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Thats it? I gave up and just bought a new bike. Parting out for MTB is sooo much more expensive. but the build is fun.
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    What are you listening to?

    Leo is amazing! His covers of Adele's "Hello" and Coldplay's "Yellow". Legendary
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    AMR Riverside

    Redlands is its own division, one of 3 in SBCo
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    It is magic for kidney stones, as I have experienced myself on multiple occasions. I think it would be nice to have as kind of a halfway between IV Tylenol and fent
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    AMR Riverside

    Not for me, but Im a medic. As far as EMTs go it really just depended on staffing at the time. If we were low on EMTs you might not even go to BLS at all. Other times it would be 6mos to a year but, you could pick up ALS OT.
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    AMR Riverside

    Menifee is Riverside division(Union) Hemet and Desert Cities are non-union and different divisions. Riverside division has North and South end. North is basically anything above Perris and South the rest down to Temecula. I worked for Hemet for many years. I know a lot has changed but still the...
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    the 100% directionless thread

    To a North County San Diego department. It's where im from and the pay is way better. Just need to get through probation again.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Going to back to being a boot firefighter after several years as an engineer. I know it'll be worth it, but not looking forward to playing the game at 40.
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    "Asthma attack"

    Exactly why BLS shouldn't be giving meds without more education
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    Highest paying medic Jobs in CA?

    I heard Hemet is starting medics at 27/hr and Desert Cities might be even more. SD pays garbage most places, but their protocols are not that far off Riverside's. I went to MVC, albeit when it was still RCC, but good luck, it's actually a good program IMO.
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    the 100% directionless thread

    Just make sure you get the proper sized hubs, correct travel fork and all that. Over the years, width of dropouts and axle types have changed. Dont be me and buy the wrong wheelset for your frame!
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    Longest shift, mood on shift and stress

    Ahh, ye olde suck it up because other people have it worse. My grandpa picked fruit in Central Cali too, so we wouldnt have to. None of that means we should accept **** mental health and subpar working conditions.
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    Longest shift, mood on shift and stress

    If Cal Fire wanted you have those things, they would have been issued at the service center.
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    Longest shift, mood on shift and stress

    I cant speak for the OP but i'm gonna make an educated guess that @CALEMT signed up for exactly zero days for that. If you are not familiar with Cal Fire aka Forcey the Bear, those kinds of forces are the norm, not the exception. So the legislation can be named for them, not the guys being...
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    Rialto Medics refuse to enter SNF, Claiming Unspecified COVID law.

    They run with single function ambulance operators. I would venture to say the punishment will vary depending on if these were suppression guys or not.
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    Your Controversial EMS-Related Opinion

    Just wanted to bold this truth.