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    Emergency Work Trauma and PTSD Feedback Study

    Already mentioned this in another forum thread a while ago, but I'm currently doing research on developing a self-taught computer program for helping with occupational trauma and PTSD in emergency services. I've developed a prototype for paramedics, though it can also apply to similar...
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    CPR endurance exercises?

    Not an expert, but push-ups seem like they would help, especially as you don't need to go to the gym specifically to do it
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    sport for fitness

    Love soccer... but I'm a goalkeeper so I need to do other things for cardio :D Running and cycling, especially when it's part of your daily routine, like cycling to work
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    Gym Addicts

    For me, the gym's great for upper body exercises. For cardio, the best way is incorporating into your daily/weekly routine in some way. Classics include cycling to work, or if it's far and you need to drive, park your car a 20 minutes walk from your house
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    How to feed them veggies

    If they like Star Wars, try showing them the Grocery Store Wars video on Youtube. Obi Wan Cannoli might help.
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    Private messages

    How many posts do you need to make before you can start a conversation with others? I'm doing some research about paramedics, and I need to private message some online participants here about ethics etc :)
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    PTSD and Paramedic Research

    Some thoughts on the more recent posts here: Several people noted that loud noises similar to the dispatch calls cause their heart rates to go up even while off work. I get that the alarms are suppose to get emergency workers fired up and ready asap, but it may be worth investigating and...
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    PTSD and Paramedic Research

    I do agree with you. When I first proposed this study, I did aim to include a wide range of population groups vulnerable to stress-related mental illness. However, my supervisors felt that it would result in too much work for a three year PhD project. Therefore we scaled it down to paramedics in...
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    PTSD and Paramedic Research

    Thanks for all the responses so far. Keep going if you have anything else to add! As part of my research I have made a pilot program designed to help educate paramedics about trauma and PTSD, as well as information and tasks related to fostering psychological resilience. If you would like to...
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    PTSD and Paramedic Research

    Hmm, this is pretty interesting. Personally, I suspect that PTSD symptomology has always been higher in emergency services than the general population, and the more recent increase in reports are simply due to people being more aware of what PTSD is, and more willing to talk about it. However...
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    PTSD and Paramedic Research

    Thanks for the link! The story really is tragic. It's almost equally as tragic that a health and safety board shrugs off PTSD as 'part of the job'
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    PTSD and Paramedic Research

    Some pretty interesting questions. In terms of quantifying treatment and symptomology of trauma-related disorders, most psychologists tend to use self-report questionnaires. There are also some more biological markers, such as electroencephalogram (EEG) which can indicate abnormal brain waves in...
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    Mental Health

    Viewing the results of the poll, it's interesting how no one has ticked 'Talking with co-workers'
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    PTSD and Paramedic Research

    Dear Users, I am currently a PhD student researching trauma and PTSD in paramedics, and ways in which we can use prior psychological training to help reduce this beforehand rather than trying to catch up afterwards with traditional therapy. The title of the study is “Self-taught cognitive...