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    LeFlore County EMS Oklahoma is Hiring

    LeFlore County EMS is still looking for Paramedics to work in beautiful Southeastern Oklahoma. The South Eastern Oklahoma area is rich in outdoors activities, and has all four seasons...While our County has numerous shopping and dining options. Fort Smith Arkansas is just 25minutes from our...
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    LeFlore County EMS Oklahoma is Hiring

    Leflore County EMS in South Eastern Oklahoma is hiring for two Full-Time Paramedic positions. We are a 522 taxing district that covers all 1,500sqmiles of Leflore County and approximately 50 sqmiles of surrounding counties... Leflore County operates 6 Full time Ambulances in a very rural...
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    Williamson County EMS wins multiple awards at State EMS conference
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    Austin-Travis EMS/Outside Texas applicant

    Still here, I turned over recruitment recently but ask away if you have any Wilco questions.
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    Hospital based EMS.

    I am assuming that is a North Carolina thing? In Texas the Third services have the best equipment, most expansive protocols, best pay and benefits, etc etc.......
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    Short FTO Period

    I would say experienced medics usually clear "earlier" but we do not cut it short for anyone. Experience is a very good thing to have and usually it helps you along through your FTO process. But we also find that a lot of experienced Medics benefit from some re-education, unlearning of bad...
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    Short FTO Period

    5-6 week academy followed by about 30-50 24hour shifts on average with an FTO. Sometimes longer depending on the new hire. The "Clearing" process is broken down into 5 tiers. There is set criteria to advance from 1 tier to the next. Once at Tier 5 you are about ready to go off on your own, and...
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    FTO pay and or stipend

    Hello, Trying to do some research here, if you would not mind. Could you please help me out and answer the following questions. 1. Does your service pay FTOs? If so, how much and in what way? 2. What is the process to become an FTO at your service? 3. Are FTOs always paid their...
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    Rude nurses. How to deal with them?

    Keep being nice, they will come around.
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    What are you're "go to" primary and secondary airway methods?

    King Vision, video largyn First and if needed second, then LMA
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    Moving to Dallas from Denver. What's your take on the ambulance services there?

    Try this in the employement section, you might get some hits.
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    Giving my name out on calls...

    We are required to wear our name and cert level in plain view at all times, so that is a non-issue here. Why did your partner refuse? What are they afraid of? Are you a private service? If not and you are governmental then people have a right to know.
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    "Ambulance drivers" union negotiations.

    I guess I misread somewhere, I thought it said in the article you were union
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    "Ambulance drivers" union negotiations.

    I just have a hard time seeing the side of the personnel or even the need for a Union when you are getting such good and regular raises.
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    "Ambulance drivers" union negotiations.

    Dang, 6% raises a year and now only 5%? 5% is a good raise every year, when a lot were getting laid off y'all were getting raises. How much of that was COLA and how much was Merit? COLA is normally 3%.
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    Santa Monica Ambulance Provider

    You cannot "offer" it to anyone, and even more so the Fire Department certainly cannot offer anything. This is a City thing, not a Department thing. And nothing can be "Offered" it has to be won through bidding, anything else leaves you open for litigation.
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    Epinephrine administration to people on Beta Blockers

    We used to carry 2mg, once we got our BB OD protocol. Our stock level rose to 6mg. The protocol is 3mg Standing order, for symptomatic BB OD.
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    Epinephrine administration to people on Beta Blockers

    We carry 6mg, I have never had to give the second dose of 3mg. The initial 3mg has worked for me each time.
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    South Carolina EMS

    You said the money is good, what is the pay?
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    Williamson County EMS in Texas uses it, high dose for Combative patients 10mg IM standing order, and Low Dose for Nausea 2.5mg IV/IM standing order not relieved by Zofran or if Zofran is not available.