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    Help with manual vitals?

    I agree, feet off the floor and resting on the bottom frame of the stretcher Get vitals while sitting still if possible Once you have a good baseline then you know what to listen for Move the diaphragm medial / more to the inside of the arm, normally works for me Radials - I generally grip the...
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    North Carolina

    I used to work in Dare and was Hired in New Hanover, years ago, im sure some things have changed Currently live in Charlotte, Let me know if I can help with anything
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    North Carolina

    Wilmington, is great. Hospital based EMS and CCT, New Hanover county. They also have special response medics assigned to a crash truck most agencies in NC are County Government based most agencies have a start rate around 4-45k Its a little more of a drive but also look at Dare County NC They...
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    EMT employment

    How are you doing your recert - did you keep up with the con ed hours or taking a refresher ? I would suggest a refresher to get back in the groove of assessments Possibly volunteer or do a few ride a-longs
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    End of Life Care NC has a MOST form (Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment) The patient and physician can decide what kind of treatment the would like. Patients have more choices than with a DNR. They can accept BVM ventilations but request not to be intubated ect....
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    Need some guidance plz! Recently been arrested, but yet convicted. EMT an option anymore??? Licensing of Individuals with Criminal History. (a) The department shall deny any license application submitted by an applicant who has been convicted of a felony, a crime of violence, or a crime of...
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    Interested in becoming an Emt

    *Why did you decide to become a EMT? I was a Junior fire fighter at the age of 14, wanted to be a firefighter, the City department would not hire you until you were 21. I took the paramedic class and turned 18 during the class, I chose to become an EMT and then a Paramedic, decided to stay...
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    I,m in NC- Most of our paramedic programs are through the community college, most take and accept financial aid. A lot of them have hybrid format that allow online class and in person clinicals Search this forum - there are several that have been mentioned Depending on the class and location...
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    Is volunteering work considered a clinical experience?

    - Is my volunteering experience considered if I ever applied to a job outside lebanon? YES - put all experience and certifications on a resume or job application It is possible that another city or county could not accept your EMT education and require you to take their class or education - Do...
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    EKG vs Phlebotomy tech class

    I teach both here in NC. The EKG class would give you more knowledge as far as Paramedic goes. If you have the time and resources both definatly will not hurt. Working as a tech in the ED I made RN pay. Primarily doing EKG's and Phlebotomy.
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    What drives you?

    one agency that i worked for adopted the FISH philosophy a simple thank you form management went a long way with a few employees they also handed out small fish that you could wear on your uniform I enjoy the autonomy that we have to work on out own, I have worked in hospitals and in other...
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    Meck MEDIC???

    Charlotte, NC ? - volunteer with a FD or a rescue squad (sorry none in the Charlotte metro area) - If you are affiliated with an agency then EMS and Fire Classes are tuition exempt (free) you will have to buy all the books though. 1st I do not work for medic, i have several friends that do...
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    ECG rhythms

    Just looking for rhythm info ? What exactly do you need ?
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    Paramedic Practitioner? Masters degree and future of EMS

    NC effective jan 1 21, currently the paramedic students can take a hybrid a&p class - (non college credit) 5. The required Anatomy and Physiology course shall meet or exceed the requirements listed in the Continuing Education Master Course List of the NC Community College System. Courses that...
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    Is anyone familiar with Lenoir Community College Hybrid Paramedic course?

    I have used them for some con-ed stuff. I am here in NC. I have heard good things about their course
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    Secondary career suggestions

    Totally agree - RN is totally doable- go for it, Im in my early 40's and doing the same thing my 10 year plan is to finish CRNA school There are many possibilities for nurses im sure you know. Just for variety - here are a few other health jobs that are about the same amount of school...
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    Wondering what to pursue.

    depending on where you are EMT jobs can be very competitive where i am, NC, most EMT's work on transport trucks. doing dialysis trips or discharges from the hospital to a nursing facility. Few actually work on the 9-1-1 side and respond to emergencies. Here, they are not competitive on the...
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    Transporting a Cardiac Arrest?

    Depends on where you work, i worked for an agency in Va that did not let BLS transport codes. They had to call and wait for ALS. otherwise you are correct. CPR will be interrupted to move the patient (for transport, loading and unloading the ambulance) If you are transporting a code (hopefully...
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    Assignment Ideas

    I have my students do medication cards (o2, asa, benadryl, epi, narcan) as a few .. stuff they can carry or administer i also have them write some out on standard meds, beta blockers and such
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    Incorrect AED pad placement for lay responder First Aid/CPR/AED class

    the rhythms that the AED look at (v-tach and V-fib) look the same, either way the pads are placed. The pads read from one to the other (talk to each other) to identify the heart rhythm. if the pads are swapped in location the AED will still recognize the rhythm. Agreed- as long as there is not...