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    How to get better?

    See if your classmates will come in early and you all can run scenarios to practice like the National Registry practical. Muscle memory. That's what we always did and preceptors tell our teachers all the time how prepared we are. Practice, practice, practice.
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    Single mother EMTs

    I'm really struggling my way through EMT school emotionally and financially for the reasons you have. I have 2 small daughters (3 and 18months) and I'm on my own. I have an insane amount of clinical hours to do, I'm owing money already on my student loans, behind on bills, and struggling to get...
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    First trauma!

    I know how it is. I'm a student, too. I get my blood pumping when I hear the tones, I gey excited about pushing drugs, splinting, MVCs. My preceptors just roll their eyes and call me a squirrel lol. Just enjoy it. Everybody gets more chill about it from what I see. We only get to be newbies...
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    EMT Basic Salaries

    Around here EMTs and Paramedics get paid pretty well. The state average for TN is $19. But I've taken CNA course and currently work in a nursing home as a CNA while going to EMT school and EMT school is way longer, harder, and more expensive. My CNA class took 5 wks and required 21 clinical...
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    Pumping breastmilk on shifts?

    I don't see why it wouldn't work. There are some good examples already posted, but be consistent about pumping so you don't go dry. It can be really hard to keep up your supply when you pump.
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    Fire academy

    I hope to get a job with the Nashville Fire Department when I finish emt school and I'm just curious about how hard fire academy is? What do I need to do to prepare? I'm kinda in shape, but I'm still getting there.
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    Why Obamacare is the Best Thing To Happen To EMS Since Johnny and Roy

    I dont resist change. I resist change in this direction. The US government has shown us incompitance at the best and corruption at the worst. These things should be left up to individuals and state legislation. There should be more freedom. We don't want or need more legislation. I wish everyone...
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    How strong do you have to be to be an emt

    I'm not very large myself, but I can do it. The only issue I'm having starting out is lifting the stretcher from my waist up to my shoulders, but I'm still managing it. Nothing some curls won't fix ;) I'm doing a weightlifting routine and yoga, but it hasn't been that long. It helps. Seriously...
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    SOAP Note...what am I missing?

    Question: I'm a student and just learned these acronyms a couple weeks ago and we didn't learn PEARL. We learned PERRL: Pupils round, reactive to light. Is PEARL something different? May be a dumb question, but you gotta learn somehow I guess lol.:P
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    EMT course and work

    Hellz no. I'm going to Southeastern.
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    EMT course and work

    I've already decided nursing is not for me. I aspire to be a flight medic, not a nurse.
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    How many clinical hours did you get while training for EMT?

    It's not so bad. I qualify for plenty of financial aid and ended up paying about what it would cost to go to other nearby schools and get less training.
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    EMT course and work

    I'm already on school. But why look into an RN program?
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    How many clinical hours did you get while training for EMT?

    I'm paying over 16k, but I feel like I'm getting a better education than Columbia and Vol State. I liked the idea of getting more clinicals and I've heard really good things about their paramedics and they have the same teachers. So far, I'm really enjoying the class and I feel like I'm learning...
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    EMT course and work

    Ummm, no. I tried to show him some of my skills so he could help me practice (vital signs and transfers) and he can't even grasp that. I shudder to think of him as an EMT. He needs to just stick to his computers.
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    EMT course and work

    It's 8 months (2 semesters) and I do 17hrs a week in classroom and I'm required 506 clinical hours by graduation. I've found a work schedule that fits around school, but it cuts me back to 36 hours a week. My husband is getting temp work here and there and it's helping ends meet, tho. This is...
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    How many clinical hours did you get while training for EMT?

    I'm not going to school ion lebanon, I'm going to school in Nashville.
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    How many clinical hours did you get while training for EMT?

    Idk, I just know that's what I was told.
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    How many clinical hours did you get while training for EMT?

    You can't just be a paramedic here. You have to take the EMT course first.