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    If you have any questions about me or the area I live in just ask :)

    If you have any questions about me or the area I live in just ask :)
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    Welcome aboard!!! Always good to have another member of our broad family :D.
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    Why you are in the EMS Field?

    1. Emt I 99, 2. Taking time off of ems to help with family member.3. This will sound corney, but I love the feeling you get when you help someone in need. 4. 24 hours on 48 off. 5. I was a rough neck in the oil field, heavy equipment mechanic, and electrician. 6. It took several years but money...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy turkey day to you too. Hope you got to spend some time with your loved ones on this holliday :D.
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    What does your agency ride in...

    RESCUE RANDY ERRRR WHACKER!!!!! You are THE man. Your very own vintage ambulance. Too cool.
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    Happy birthday!!! Havent been on in awhile. But happy belated birthday. I know wishing you a belated birthday isnt as special as what your man gave you but happy birthday anyway. haha
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    Stuck in New Mexico

    I did what the message said lol. Posted a message on how I'm doing lol. I found out my national numbers dont apply in New Mexico, so I am going to have to take there state test to do what I've been doing for a few years already. How bad am I going to laugh at myself if I cant pass this test the...
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    What boots do you use?

    I've been wearing a pair of Magnums's for about a year. They are very comfortable all 24hrs. And they will work with your 7 hole zipper. The best place to find them is at an army navy surplus, or ems store.
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    Ok Guys I really need some advice!!!

    hahahaha,,,,By the sound of him mofiremedic it would be easy to miss the testies, dang nutless wonder that he is. Its people like him that gives women a bad image of men. Blah Blah Blah rant rant rave....etc.
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    Blood sugar?

    I might be labeled a "randy rescue" but if their sick enough or hurt enough to get in the back of my bus then their going to get the full work up. IV, D-stick, and all the vitals. Its "CYA" by doing them I think. It will help keep you out of court, or looney bin if ya dont do them and your...
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    When do you "Make'em Naked"?

    It would be hard to convince my C.O. that I did my assesments when they arent stripped and cloths arent ripped. Its hard to find those contusions without seeing the skin first. If I was in a wreck strip me and save me rather than keep the world from seeing me in my glory and killing me. Best...
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    Most Embarrassing Moment in EMS

    Me and my partner went to an nursing home to pick up a patient for bleeding from areas (not where you want to look) any way. I get the info enroute and arive on scene. I get the stretcher and start toward the room. My partner finds us a nurse. While she is getting the info and paper work from...
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    1st Ride along

    We are very near medix school. So we get 3rd riders atleast 3 times a week. I ditto the remarks. Get in the truck and see where and what the service has. Ask lots of questions. I'm sure you'll do great.
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    Moving to Albuquerque New Mex.

    Well I just found out that New Mexihell isnt an National Registry state. So,,,,,,I guess I'll have to take their dang test. Figures I got lucky and passed the national test with a (for me) great mark first time. Bet I wont be that lucky twice. lol......wish me well.
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    Gods Gift??

    I'm in sales & going to start my own business (again) translates into. I ran my last business into the ground. And am bankrupt. hahaha.....and I was laughing at the "He is more flexable than me remark." hahahahaha..You ladies are too funny.
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    Best Day Ever!

    I concure with wingnut. The jerrys we pick up have trash bags full of drugs. And yes say no to drugs ha. And study hard, for the test. Seriously congrats on the new job. Welcome to the best worse job of your life. lol,,jk.
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    San Antonio Texas must be despearte for EMT'S!!

    Great time to move to N.M. I not only have to compete with people, but now I have to compete with primates. HAHAHA!!!!!! Glad I'm house broken. Thats a plus right.
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    Going to be a DAD!!

    Congrats. What a supprise. Good moment bad moment good moment. haha. Cold winters huh.
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    Moving to Albuquerque New Mex.

    Thank you for the replys. HAHAHA!!!, Yea the food is almost as bad as the location thats for sure. I wish I would have taken that job with Metro now. lol....Thank you again for the quick responces.
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    I'm now a CERT Instructor!

    Chimpies's da man. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!