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    Why is it that we do what we do again?

    Don't get me wrong, I love my job, or at least I usually do, I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't, but I've had a couple of really rough days and I've been laying in bed trying to remember why it is that we put up with all the crap, and the pain and the heartache that we can see in this business...
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    EMS in NYC - ride out

    I've finally finalized the time off work and have book the tickets. I'm heading to New York, New York for a week in August! While I'm down there in addition to seeing the sights I would love to see/find out more about how the EMS system works. Whenever I travel I try to get a little bit of a...
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    Resources for EMS days at Elementary Schools (kids ages 5 - 12)

    Hey all. I was approached today by a teacher at the local elementary school looking for us to come and do a presentation to her class about what we do in the ambulance. I have a great set of resources but being that I recently moved it all got packed up and stuck into storage. We're...
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    Unusual Cardiac Arrest and Questions

    I've been questioning and second guessing myself over a call that my partner and I ran earlier this week. The questions are at the very end if anyone cares to respond but does not wish to read the back story. Thanks in advance! We were called for an unresponsive patient, breathing status...
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    Questions To Ask Potential Employers

    At the end of an interview potential employers usually if you have any questions, so my question to all of you is, what kind of questions do you typically ask? What information would you consider being essential to know before accepting a position with a new service?
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    Amyl Nitrate Information Wanted

    So, I spent most of the weekend studying and going through my drug cards from PCP school and noticed that I never made a card for Amyl Nitrate. I know that I am not likely to use this drug, especially with my current service since we don't stock it, but I would still like to have complete...
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    Puncture Resistant Gloves

    I'm looking for a pair of gloves for a Christmas gift for an EMS friend. We've both been looking for a pair of puncture resistant gloves for the calls that require extrication or crawling around other less desirable scenes. I know there's a limit to what any glove will allow us to handle, but...