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    The cup holder

    Trinity by chance?
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    Ems orientation question

    For my orientation class, I had to be there every day, no flexibility. For field training, they were flexible.
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    End tidal C02 at BLS level

    I’ll also use it along with other information to determine opioid overdose treatment.
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    There are many places that allow their medics to RSI on standing order. We can do it on standing order as long as there are 2 credentialed medics on scene, and we can also provide post-intubation sedation and analgesia by protocol. The only communication we do with the hospital is an entry note...
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    Question on Paramedic schools

    Greenfield Community College might be a bit of a hike, but I highly recommend it. New Britain EMS also has an excellent program.
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    Can you ever act as a civilian while having EMT certification?

    Yes. Also, unless you’re in the military, you’re still a “normal civilian.”
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    EMT Badge? Yes or No.

    We have cloth badges sewn onto our uniform. I’m not a huge fan of wearing a badge, but it’s tastefully done and we look nothing like the police so I have no problem with it. Our honor guard wears metal badges. I would never, ever buy my own badge.
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    Changing careers - what to put on an EMT-B resume?

    @VentMonkey about 3 weeks ago!
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    Changing careers - what to put on an EMT-B resume?

    You're definitely way-overqualified to work as an EMT and shouldn't have much difficulty finding a job. That being said, I'd consider doing the following: -Take out the "skills" section under "EMT," and I would remove the bolded "Emergency Medical Technician" and replace that with...
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    New England EMS

    They’re a not-for-profit. It used to be North Adams EMS, then they merged with Adams and (I believe) Village Ambulance.
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    New England EMS

    Northern Berkshire actually isn't 3rd service or hospital based. They are a decent service though, I did most of my medic ride-time with them. Boston is another 3rd-service. There are some pretty interesting services in CT if you're interested in that area.
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    2nd degree heart block - does it warrant code 3 return to the hospital?

    I'm guessing you're a medic student by your name, so I don't fault you for using this, but try to get this saying out of your vocabulary. It's not a good mindset to have. Very, very few things actually need lights and sirens, especially at the ALS level. If you're not treating it in the...
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    Civil traffic infractions (Alameda County, CA EMT-Basic)

    You would know if you were arrested, which it doesn't sound like you were. They want to know about criminal issues, not speeding tickets for going 10 miles over the speed limit. Answer "no."
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    Body Armor

    I don't think that it should be required to wear, but I do believe that employers should provide it for those who want it if there is a reasonable chance it may be needed or utilized (in other words, for 911 services/services that do LE standbys. I don't think services that do strictly IFT...
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    Fluid Resusitation?

    I’m sure that went swimmingly.
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    70Y/O Male Dizzy/Lightheaded/Syncope

    This. I wouldn’t wait until I got to the ambulance to start aggressive treatment at the point of contact.
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    Medication Error Learning

    Especially in critical care areas. With the shear amount of interventions that happen on a daily basis for your average ICU or critically-ill ED patient, mistakes are going to happen. And many of them won't ever be caught, because it is simply impossible to catch every error that is made...
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    CPAP for COPD ?

    My understanding (and of course, I could be wrong) is that mag isn't really useful for COPD, only asthma (due to the fact that in COPD, the damage/constriction is chronic. In asthma, the constriction is more acute, thus responds better to mag). I've only initiated CPAP once prehospitally on a...
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    How to measure an NPA

    Use medical lube. I'd only used saliva as a last-ditch effort.