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  1. 325Medic

    Faces behind the post

    Thanks for the help! 325.
  2. 325Medic

    Faces behind the post

    I know. Damn it! W.T.F. LMAO.:angry: 325.
  3. 325Medic

    Faces behind the post

    @ Work in "09". 325.
  4. 325Medic

    Faces behind the post

    How do you post pictures? I can't seem to do it. I see the image icon... 325.
  5. 325Medic

    Metropolitan Area employment

    We lost 1 co-worker @ our squad to P.F.D. and the county in a whole lost maybe 5 or 6. 325.
  6. 325Medic

    Haix Sizing and Width

    I have / been issued the station boot with toe cap and the USAR boot. I wear the USAR boot currently and I think they run true to size. 325.
  7. 325Medic

    Where do you live?

    Typo. Sorry. Had my mind on a fatal we had. I live 5 mins. from work.:rolleyes: 325.
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    Where do you live?

    I am renting an apt. with my girlfriend and have been for the last 13 years. I work in the local I live in, actually I live 5 mins. away from home. 325.
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    NAR CLS Kit

    P.M. in bound. 325.
  10. 325Medic

    Savannah GA EMS

    My sister lives in the burbs of the city (Pooler) and I believe the 911 is run by Memorial Health E.M.S.out of the Level-1 Trauma hospital with the same name, in the city, from what she has told me. 325.
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    Ever had a partner you can't trust??

    I am in that position right now with one partner. :angry: F.M.
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    What do you look for in a partner?

    Not being a cocky bastige. I prefer working as we call it here, for an unknown reason, limited MIC (1 EMT / 1 Paramedic). An excellent EMT-B is better that a hald assed Paramedic that is a tool bag. I have 2 basic partners and both are incredibly compentent. One is a little cocky but a good...
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    Dallas / Philadelphia EMT

    Rescue1: Newtown Ambulance (transports starting off) Levittown-Fairless Hills EMS, Yardley-Makefield EMS are just a few. Those except for LFHRS are near the central end of Bucks. Where may I ask are you? I am in Bristol / near the Philly border. These are from experience and what I have seen...
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    Dallas / Philadelphia EMT

    In Philly, you have a bunch of transport companies and in the surrounding counties, there are 911 jobs that hire new EMT's. The Philly Fire Dept. only hires Paramedics for the squad / Fire Service medics and the firefighters are EMT-B's. Hope this helps Sam. P.M. me if needed. I used to work...
  15. 325Medic

    Sanford Brown Medic Program SE-PA

    I know personally the director and class coordinator and have friends that teach there, I do not. I have heard bad things about them but have also precepted very good students from there. With that being said, how long have you been and EMT-B? Get some experience would be my opinion. 325.
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    Guess the EKG.

    I would have called it an Infero-lateral / posterior M.I. also. F.M.
  17. 325Medic

    CPAP vs intubation for CHF

    Lasix is under Medcomm orders only now and will prolly be taken off the S.O.P.'s. We use lots of NTG and ACE inhibitors (enalapril) and that works. I have seen medics that are older than me (and I was taught this way years ago) that have given 200mg of Lasix and it turned out to be pneumonia...
  18. 325Medic

    How important is experience in EMS?

    Good question. I have 13 years in P.A. as a medic. I have seen 20+ year medics that were total toolbags when it came to medicine and have also seen 2 year medics that I would let treat my mom. We have all seen really good students / medic interns that had book knowledge and were lost on the...
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    CPAP vs intubation for CHF

    At least in P.A....First we don't go straight to Lasix. We start serial NTG's with 1 off the bat followed by 3 if the pressure is still over 180 systolic. Thats besides the point. Also in P.A., we use Etomidate (not at the 2 squads I work because the M.D. does not like the profile by itself /...