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  1. Giant81

    Who is your company hiring???

    Oh I didn’t know about that. Is there a link I can look?
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    Who is your company hiring???

    I'm on a volunteer service, with a driver, that's been there forever, that just recently got out of prison on a sexual assault conviction. He's still a driver for us. so I guess we don't give a ****, we'll take anyone if leadership likes you.
  3. Giant81

    the 100% directionless thread

    I need to find a side gig. I run as a volly on a rural rig, and we get like 140 PT's a year, most of which I don't see being at work or not on call that weekend. I need to find me a good part time higher volume service I can run with a couple times a month.
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    2020. What are your goals?

    I already work an IT job full time. I want to find an EMS gig I can do with a busier service a couple times a month to see more patients and keep my skills up. I've been running volly on a low volume (140 pt/year) rural rig since I got credentialed, and have easily seen less patients total in...
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    Funny Ems phrases

    We call the auto-pulse a geezer squeezer
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    Best online retailer to buy a Stethoscope

    I'm going to buy a cardiology IV, and looking at the best place online to get one. Looks like most are within $10 or eachother, so it really comes down to support if there are any problems. Thanks!
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    Best Gloves

    Sorry for some necro thread digging, but I didn't see these mentioned. Halyard Health Purple Nitrile Exam Gloves...
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    EMS Turnout Gear?

    turn out gear for fire and EMS are different. While similar in design, the Fire gear will be thicker, heavier, and NFPA rated for structure fire purposes. The EMS bunker pants will be lighter, and are bodily substance isolating. A full set of Fire bunker gear will set a service back about...
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    What do you look for in boots?

    Finding boots that are comfortable is a very personal endevor, and sadly with wearing a 15, that limits my abilities further. What I'm mostly interested in though is traction and slip resistance. As a Volly, I'm not banging around in them all day everyday. I want to get a descent pair of zip...
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    Anyone from the midwest going to WEMSA in Milwaukee? What sessions are you signed up for? Want to get a beer?
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    Personal trauma bag?

    Before I start, I volunteer on a rural rig that has a larger area to cover. We are an all volunteer, all call (meaning every member gets the page at the same time, then we coordinate over the radio who will go, and where we will meet them) and there is a possibility to respond directly to the...
  12. Giant81

    Jump bag

    Very good question and probably worth looking into. I've never had training on what our protocols are around their use. I've also never had to use one, or even been around when one was used. Also, I can't think of a scenario where I would use one.
  13. Giant81

    Jump bag

    what about carfentanyl? that seems like it would take a very tiny amount to really mess up your day. Also as far as inhalants go, we still have them on our rig and every week we check a box that they are there and not expired. Haven't used them in the 2 years I've been with the service, but...
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    Volunteer EMT

    Yeah I work as a network engineer so I get no PT care experience there. and volly with a service that gets like 150 calls a year, most of which I miss since I'm working out of town during the day, so I can only run calls on nights, and every 3rd or 4th weekend. Means I don't get a lot of hands...
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    Volunteer EMT

    I have a question closely related. I currently volunteer with a local Basic rig. My day time job is what pays the bills, but I don't get a lot of experience because of it. Anyone have any ideas for ways a volunteer can obtain more experience without going FT on a paid department? I'd love to...
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    Off Duty but still concerned?

    Yes, I keep my radio on scan when I'm not 'on-call' but mostly because we're a volunteer department and even if it's not my weekend, there is a chance if something big goes down they could use all hands on deck. I also listen to the scanner when I AM on call instead of just leaving my pager on...
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    Jump bag

    We don't actually have an on/off duty in my area and I don't recall ever learning about it in class, so I don't know how the paid for services do it in more populated areas. If you're in your area, you can operate in your scope. If you are not in your response area, you cannot operate up to...
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    Jump bag

    I volunteer for a rural ambulance so there is a chance I need to respond to the scene before the rig shows up. My philosophy is "what do I need in the up to 10-15min before a fully stocked ambulance shows up" so I have notepad and pen (recording vitals, etc..), 4x4's, 2x2's, gloves, cpr mask...
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    BLS Automated Transport Ventilators

    I learned a bit about one able to be used by BLS in WI at WEMSA a couple years ago, I think it was indicated for use during cardiac arrest in automatic mode.
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    New student- taking blood pressure

    I did a bit of practice when I first started to practice stethoscope technique. Take a cuff, put it on, pump to about 100mmHg and move around until you hear sounds. I figure on most people you should be able to hear sounds at 100. I also pay close attention to the nurse when I get my BP taken...