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    Thats pretty sad. EMTs can attach 12 leads and send them to the ED in my county. And AEMTs can initiate IVs and push drugs on their own.
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    Where do you keep your stethoscope?

    I use my own and usually keep in my back pocket walking around. Just don't wear it around your neck. I think it looks kind of douchy and make an excellent objet for that psych patient to get a hold of.
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    Sedation for Conscious Cardiac Arrest Patients

    Since its such a rare phenomena that I'd doubt protocols exist. Besides, a grunt doesn't mean that they are conscious, it could be some sort of reflex. I'd say the risks of pushing sedatives during a code is too great and offers little to no benefit in a patient that 'could' be semi-councious...
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    Working outside of EMS, should I continue to hold onto my EMT certification?

    I'd say it all depends on your interests and financial status. Do you have the money and time to take CE classes? But more importantly, does emergency medicine still interest you? If you even slightly think that you would ever regret letting it lapse, keep it. I personally would keep it.
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    I'd say its a good idea. Most calls are BLS and it would be better if you had a medic in a sprint rig going to all the true ALS calls. AEMTs would be able to initiate a line and let the medic focus on other matters, making the process a lot smoother.
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    Asthma attacks are mostly BS?

    I was attending some CE training and a flight RT mentioned how most (he said up to 70%) of asthma attacks that EMS gets dispatched to can be treated without any more medical interventions. He said it was because these patients having are having an anxiety attack secondary to the asthma and that...
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    Looking for data for Cath alerts, stroke alerts, and trauma activation

    Thanks! Its super challenging to find
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    Looking for data for Cath alerts, stroke alerts, and trauma activation

    I'm looking for peer reviewed articles of high quality. A systemic review and/or meta analysis. I've managed to get data from my local ED but its less than n=100
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    Looking for data for Cath alerts, stroke alerts, and trauma activation

    Its pretty obvious that the pre-arrival notifications for STEMIs and stroke alerts improve door to balloon time. But what does the actual data show on outcomes in mortality? I'm a 100% sure the data is out there. Ive been looking for a high quality systemic review that shows the improvement in...
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    Summer paramedic programs

    I was wondering if anybody knew any accelerated paramedic programs (not including externship). I know there is an old thread about summer paramedic programs, but before you start saying "thats too short", I have my AEMT through the NREMT and my EMT-Intermediate through the state. I have my...
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    EMT-B to Army 68W or Navy Corpsman

    If you have your EMT, you can skip the first phase of corpsman A-school. 68W and corpsman are very different. As a corpsman, you have the opportunity to go to C-schools and get your RRT, MLT, X-ray, etc. And you could be working anywhere from a ship, hospital, clinic, or infantry. I went to...
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    Ketorolac for pain management

    Although in the protocols for Oregon permit the usage of ketorolac, it isn't included in my EMS standing orders for the county (includes 7 agencies). Do other EMS agencies use Ketorolac? If you guys do you us, how effective is it? And what are the general pain management protocols of NSAIDs vs...
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    Ethical reporting.

    Hypothetically... You write a chart for a run for an elderly "fall" victim that rolled off of his bed. The pt seems to be uninjured, the pt has no complaints. The pt is atraumatic upon physical examination. The pt is on Coumadin. What should be just a lift assist turns into a transport because...
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    Weird situation...

    Yeah this squad has a pretty good reputation throughout the county because of this supervisor. People drive past the department to volunteer at other agencies. What this supervisor seems to not understand is that I'm a volunteer... i don't owe the department a damn thing lol
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    Weird situation...

    Im not the only one lol. The supervisor (EMT-I) had the RN be proctored by her and refused for months to let them operate to their full scope until the medical director stepped in. Did I mention that the RN is also a flight nurse with 20+ years of experience?
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    Weird situation...

    The ambulance is fully licensed and has all the meds. We have one more EMT-I and two RNs who volunteer to their full scope.
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    Weird situation...

    So I volunteer on an ambulance. On the volunteer squad, the supervisor won't let me practice to my full scope (EMT-Intermediate) since I haven't been proctored by anybody with a higher cert than me (only two others, rarely respond). Even though my uniform says EMT-I, I can only practice as a...
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    Sample patient narratives

    Im still fairly a noobie, i am having some issues with my documentations. I use the SOAP format. I just want to see some examples of experienced prehospital providers charts. Can anybody post like a sample or something please? Im having an issue with going too in depth and my charts tend to...
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    Any MIH medics? How does it work in your system?

    We aren't an ambulance service. We incorporate community medics and EMTs. Our objectives is to reduce unnecessary ER visits. Think of it more like "preventative medicine." So anything we can do to prevent people from going to the ER, we do.
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    Any MIH medics? How does it work in your system?

    Just got hired as an EMT-I for a new MIH program here. We basically do discharge follow ups for high risk patients, blood draws and etc ordered by the docs. We also do the "non-emergent" responses for people who don't need the ED. Any of you work for a MIH program? How does yours work?