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  1. ZombieEMT

    Still Alarm: Froze, should I move on from IFT

    I have done years of IFT and years of 911, and this is what I will say. IFT is what you make of it. I enjoyed it and felt like I learned more as an EMT doing IFT that I did 911. In 911, we treat symptoms and operate a lot more quickly. Most of the time we are with our patients a short period of...
  2. ZombieEMT

    Why do we love the stretcher in the United States?

    I once worked for a service that said every patient gets a stretcher, regardless of condition, complaint or preference. Additionally, they also never transported a second patient if needed. Every MVC and fall received a collar. I am no longer there but have been told they still have similar...
  3. ZombieEMT

    Stressed guys messdd up on some calls.

    I think there was confusion on what I posted, that goes hand in hand with what DrParasite said. My suggestion isn't to do nothing. While assessing vital signs is part of an assessment, it is not the only part of assessment. I grab radial on every single patient, regardless of length of transport...
  4. ZombieEMT

    Stressed guys messdd up on some calls.

    Here is my honest opinion on your two scenarios. It appears to be that the patient was ambulatory and in no obvious distress. You can easily see your primary assessment. Vital signs IS a secondary assessment. There is a lot to get done in three minutes, so I can understand the need to not...
  5. ZombieEMT

    Prehospital narrative template?

    Everybody has their own style of writing. Mine tends to be very detailed. And they always have a similar layout. However, I don't think the idea of a standardize template that you are asking for is the best option. Every patient encounter is different. Every narrative should be different. If you...
  6. ZombieEMT

    Do we have a responsibility to share potential fees with patients?

    One thing that I have wished to see change is for many years, is the way that providers act in regards to billing practices. I do not necessarily important to known exact numbers, but I do think we should have basic knowledge of our agencies billing practices. When patients ask about billing, I...
  7. ZombieEMT

    How sober does someone have to be to sign a refusal?

    This is a good topic, but there is definitely some inconsistency, even by lawyers when you consult them. The reality is that you have to make a judgement call. It is not cut and dry. Oriented to person, place and time is not the whole picture. We need to look if they understand their actions and...
  8. ZombieEMT

    For the more seasoned EMTs, what does a new EMTB do that bothers you?

    One of the biggest things I hate with new their brain on vital signs. I know many new EMTs that rush into a call, and grab a blood pressure, or stick a pulse ox on before evening communicating or talking with your patient. While assessing vitals is good, life threats need to be addressed first...
  9. ZombieEMT

    How to become the best basic

    I think one of the best things that you can do for your patients is to be an advocate. Speak up for your patient, regardless of who it is. Even if that means to a paramedic or doctor, speak up. Many people become complacent and forget to actually sit down and be compassionate for their patient...
  10. ZombieEMT

    Recert “under review”

    On the topic of recert, Does the recert date state at the time of the recert being complete or at expiration of current?
  11. ZombieEMT

    Patient Advocay

    I was not even arguing Narcan to get rid of the ALS. They arrived on location at the same time, and did an ALS treat anyway. I think for my partners, as well as the ALS provider, the precaution for them to stay after Narcan was warranted because of his age and history. What I will say about...
  12. ZombieEMT

    Patient Advocay

    Since day one of being an EMT, I have prided myself on being an advocate for my patients and community. New Jersey offers a different approach to EMS with its tiered system. The issues I have observed is that many EMTs are afraid to advocate for themselves or their patient, because they are...
  13. ZombieEMT

    UNIMED Quick Access Pak (Q.A. Pak)

    One of the agencies that I worked with used this as our bag prior to our current bag, the 5.11 BLS Responder. It was an okay bag, especially if just doing BLS. I would have liked a little more customization and durability, but overall pretty decent. With all that being said. I don't like the...
  14. ZombieEMT

    I need advice/help badly

    It sounds like you need to step out of EMS. You probably got involved in EMS with good intent and I am sure it was awesome at first, but that fades. For some people its not a career and its not a lifetime job. It is very easy to burn out. It looks like you have reached that point. If you think...
  15. ZombieEMT

    Transfer of Care Concerns?

    I don't doubt that. However, I have been to several SNF that have to be prompted to provider the ambulance with report and respond, "Well I gave the charge nurse/doctor report." That is because some SNF staff find the ambulance as just a taxi ride and not healthcare provider. Also, please don't...
  16. ZombieEMT

    Transfer of Care Concerns?

    I have had a recent experience working for an SNF. I honestly can say it opened up my eyes to a lot of issues and complaints I have had as an EMT. I fee that it has given me a better understanding of the changing climate and made me a better provider. The constraints of SNF are far beyond what...
  17. ZombieEMT

    Ambulance Crew Configuration: Are Two Paramedics Better Than One?

    I personally like the system we have in New Jersey. I think it is effective for our geography. The individual towns providing BLS and transport allow for the less serious calls to be handled by a lower level provider. ALS is dispatched and available as needed. Its always two ALS providers so the...
  18. ZombieEMT

    Transporting Your Attacker, and Your Right to Refuse

    When you arrive on location and discover the patient is a danger to yourself, your partner, or the public then you can back up. Some times you will be in the dark until you arrive. Unfortunately there is some risk.
  19. ZombieEMT

    ACLS for an EMT

    I do not intend on being the lead instructor for the course. My hope would be to bring in an experienced paramedic or nurse to run lead. It is just a course I would like to offer. However, I would like to hold the instructor certification in case of emergency, or to act as an additional...
  20. ZombieEMT

    Narcan, or Not.

    When Narcan first became available to BLS and PD, it was the standard 2mg kit that we had to assemble for IN administration. Generally we gave it, and I never had issues. Recently the 4mg doses became available that require no assembly. What happens is police get on location and they just keep...