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  1. m0nster986

    AMR Santa Barbara, CA

    Written>Skills>PAT>Panel Interview>New Hire Orientation>FTO
  2. m0nster986

    Glendale fire assaults patient after patient assaults them

    Speechless, one word... professionalism
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    Free Webinar - EMS Networking - Replay link now posted

    That was great thanks!
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    Best Work Boots?

    The Thorogood Hellfire are fire resistant and the Corcaron Field Boots are light and comfortable.
  5. m0nster986

    San Bernardino County Fire Department’s Bid May End AMR’s 33-Year Ambulance Monopoly

    Well... I have given up long ago... "If you can't beat them, join them! "
  6. m0nster986

    Central Cal EMS

    Why would anyone in their right mind return back to California EMS?
  7. m0nster986

    CARE Ambulance

    When I started back in 07 CARE paid less than that. Great company nonetheless.
  8. m0nster986

    New, Paramedic Student

    Welcome! What made you decide to join now?
  9. m0nster986

    Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly

    Medic school is more difficult because it prepares the student to work in a dynamic environment in a short period of time with a wealth of information. So... "Failure to plan is planning to fail."
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    Fill out the diagrams!

    The Lego one? :rofl:
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    The Human Body

    Active vs. passive studying. Use the above mentioned techniques and repetition.
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    Santa Ana, CA

    There are other parts of California besides the southern parts. The more north-central you go the better; not because of pay but protocols and it tends to be less EMT saturated up here.
  13. m0nster986

    NREMT-P -vs- NRP

    Why can't we go back to using Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic or MICT (Technician) like in Hawaii?
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    Flight Nurse

    I'll have to check it out. Thanks
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    California EMSA testing the waters for "community paramedicine"

    I am excited, this is a lead into the future of paramedicine.
  16. m0nster986

    Phoenix Medics Tests Google Glass

    Do you realize how this may change the world of EMS? Paramedics will operate under an expanded scope of practice and consultation with physicians via live cam can reduce the amount of mistreatment/diagnosis; not to mention the ability to treat and release patients thus reducing the amount of...
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    Police using Naloxone (video)

    We are already giving condoms and birth control out like candy... why not Naloxone too!
  18. m0nster986

    How to gain confidence?

    "Fake it until you become it."
  19. m0nster986

    CPR demonstrated in bikinis

    Welcome to two years ago. Have you seen this?