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  1. Bloom-IUEMT

    Employer paid recert

    DrParasite--thanks for the reply. I've heard it is a requirement that your employer at least pay you for hours worked if you are attending mandatory training regardless if it is at their facility. I cannot find any info as of yet on the internet.
  2. Bloom-IUEMT

    Employer paid recert

    two questions: Is an employer required to pay for a re-certification class that is required for your job? (PALS, PHTLS, etc. not including EMT or Paramedic recert) Is an employer required to pay you your regular hourly pay while you take a re-cert class mentioned in the above question...
  3. Bloom-IUEMT

    For anyone who has ever had a "Doctor" show up on scene

    You just became my personal hero with this post! This may be off topic (too bad mods!) but did you find medic school or MS I/MS II harder? Just curious...
  4. Bloom-IUEMT

    Retiring from the Forums

    Lol yeah behind the monkey bars at first recess. The message is for him and him alone. But thanks for commenting on something you don't know anything about haha j/k. It was an airplane rid actually!
  5. Bloom-IUEMT

    Am I in the wrong field?

    Really? Just stop. I found AIN'T in the dictionary as well, doesn't mean it's a proper English word. Before long, word's like "cuz" will be featured as well. It's not a proper word, so don't use it. To the OP, my question is, and I'm not trying to incite any kind of discussion about it, why...
  6. Bloom-IUEMT

    Retiring from the Forums does one retire from an internet forum? Getting a pension? In case you manage to read this, thanks for reneging on your offer to let me shadow you and "forgetting" several times to make good on your promise. To let you know, I was looking forward to riding with you for several...
  7. Bloom-IUEMT

    Toddler walks two blocks to reach medical help for her father
  8. Bloom-IUEMT

    Tenn. firefighter-medic fends off pit bulls with spine board I strongly believe it be required that people be licensed to own, care for, sell, or breed pit bulls. They are incredibly dangerous and incredibly trendy among...
  9. Bloom-IUEMT

    Choking diner dies after paramedic refuses to treat him 'for safety reasons'

    Depends, Epic Beard Man is 67 and I would not want to screw with him.
  10. Bloom-IUEMT

    EMT accused of ignoring dying NYC woman is killed

    Couldn't do anything.. What if she coded?
  11. Bloom-IUEMT

    Stupid things you did on your first few calls

    Annnddd....once forgot to put the Lifepak on the ambulance.
  12. Bloom-IUEMT

    Stupid things you did on your first few calls

    Started CPR on a guy that had been dead for some time. He had obvious livor and rigor mortis.
  13. Bloom-IUEMT

    Firestorm--The Documentary
  14. Bloom-IUEMT

    Calif. medic instructor wades through snakes to reach crash victim The only thing that would have made the story "better" is if it was man-eating pirahnas instead of (or in addition to) snakes. Cue Indiana Jones music.
  15. Bloom-IUEMT

    Should I go to Paramedic school?

    Since when is one year too time consuming? It depends on when you plan on going to med school and what you are doing right now as far as school (are you in undergrad right now?). There really is no point in spending a year or two just to be a paramedic for 3 or 4 years. About the time you get...
  16. Bloom-IUEMT

    Firestorm--The Documentary

    Check out this socialist propaganda *sarcasm*
  17. Bloom-IUEMT

    Ems faq

    Haha, I credit that saying to you. BTW, congrats on your new paramedic certification!!! May god have mercy on us all! :P
  18. Bloom-IUEMT

    Lack of Insurance Leaves Calif. EMT With $300,000 Bill

    Damnit I was going to say "the point of the story" but Vent beat me to it. So....yeah.
  19. Bloom-IUEMT

    What type of items are you issued?

    Amazing I was given a pair of scissors, a small glove pouch, and a duffel bag :sad: Paid for out of pocket: Two BDU pants Pair of converse tactical boots per uniform policy Two polo uniform shirts A pullover Raincoat ball cap company approved belt When they switched the winter coats...
  20. Bloom-IUEMT

    Paramedic level pt. assessment

    Seems pretty scary! I think services that hire and/or train new medics should always pair them with an experienced medic, not an EMT. OP, I'm not a medic but I find when I take my time I am more thorough and can catch a lot of information---I loooove getting thorough patient histories. And...